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Centenary Edition, Flying Scotsman & Vectron – OUT NOW

Two iconic locomotives have arrived with the release of Train Sim World 4. If you’ve been playing Standard Edition, or one of the regional Starter Packs, then from today you can add LNER A3 Class 60103 Flying Scotsman and Railpool BR 193 Vectron as individual Loco Add-ons!

Train Sim World 4: Flying Scotsman Centenary Edition

If you’ve yet to dive into Train Sim World 4, with the new Free Roam and Photo Mode features and our longest end-to-end British route with East Coast Main Line, then you can still head directly into the cab of world-famous Flying Scotsman with this Starter Pack.
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Flying Scotsman Centenary Edition includes:
  • Training Center plus unliveried versions of the Class 323 EMU and LMS 8F steam locomotive
  • East Coast Main Line, including the LNER Class 801 Azuma and Class 66 freight locomotive
  • LNER A3 Class 60103 Flying Scotsman
  • All the new Train Sim World 4 gameplay features, including Free Roam, Photo Mode, updated Livery Designer and Scenario Planner, haptic controller functionality (lightbar signal aspect and audio for PlayStation players), Volumetric Fog and access to the PC Editor (beta) for Steam and Epic players.

LNER A3 Class 60103 Flying Scotsman Loco Add-on

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Represented in preservation condition, this National Railway Museum locomotive adds a host of rail tour passenger services along the length of the East Coast Main Line, with Doncaster being the place at which it was first built back in 1923.
In-game the cab and exterior are faithfully recreated with the relevant safety systems, markings, signage and gauges need for extensive main line running. The Mk1 Support Coach, required for crew and accessed through the corridor tender, is also featured along with a rake of Mk2 coaches typical of those pulled during the countless rail tours it undertakes.
Different eras of coaching stock require different approaches to braking, with Mk1s being Vacuum Braked and Mk2s being Air Braked. Community Manager Jamie, who has real-life footplate experience on steam locomotives, has put together a Flying Scotsman tutorial covering the different brakes as well as all the basics needed to get Flying Scotsman moving.
Players with Train Sim World Compatible content may also wish to use Free Roam to take Flying Scotsman on a tour of... wherever! Whether that be places it has visited in real life, like the West Somerset Railway, to places that it definitely hasn't like Cajon Pass!
An edition of Train Sim World 4 is required to make use of the LNER A3 Class 60103 Flying Scotsman loco Add-on. East Coast Main Line (included in Standard Edition and the UK Regional Edition) is required to make use of Scenarios and Timetabled Services.

Railpool BR 193 Vectron Loco Add-on

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Players with Train Sim World 4 that want to add more services to either S-Bahn Vorarlberg or the upgraded Dresden – Riesa route Add-on can do so with the BR 193 Vectron, in Railpool livery.
Railpool’s variant of the Vectron utilises 15 kV 16.7 Hz AC power for cross-border services in Germany and Austria. In Train Sim World 4, this is represented by freight services on Vorarlberg Line where trains cross the border just short of Lindau. Further services have been implemented into the new Dresden – Riesa timetable and both routes will utilise the new EANOS Wagons.
The Vectron can also be utilised in Free Roam to run your own custom paths on other Train Sim World Compatible routes in Germany.
If you want to get to grips with Vectron, our Preview Stream broadcast before release had Matt and Lukas go through many features of the cab and how the multiple screens work:
An edition of Train Sim World 4 is required to make use of the Railpool BR 193 Vectron loco Add-on. S-Bahn Vorarlberg (included in the Austrian Regional Edition) or the upgraded Dresden – Riesa route Add-on are required to make use of Scenarios and Timetabled Services.

Train Sim World 4: Official Soundtrack – Now Available.

Players who pre-ordered Train Sim World 4 on Steam will have been listening to the Official Train Sim World 4 Soundtrack since the game launch a month ago. From today, anyone can now listen to all 9 tracks by heading over to their favourite music platform, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon (plus plenty more!)
As a reminder of what to expect, here’s our Gameplay Music Video that we released during Train Sim World 4’s Early Access window:
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Train Sim World 4
25 Oct
Centenary Edition, Flying Scotsman & Vectron – OUT NOW