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Cargo Line Vol.2 - Aggregates – Coming Soon

More gameplay, more services, more Scenarios! Skyhook Games are adding more to three UK route Add-ons with the second release in the Cargo Line series. Cargo Line Vol.2 - Aggregates is coming 9th May!
Readers of our April Roadmap and those following Skyhook Games’ own blog posts will already be aware of what’s coming in this gameplay pack. Below we go into some more details about the services and Scenarios added to three route Add-ons (for players than own them) as well as even more Midland Main Line upgrades, including visual improvements and some extra service layers from other Train Sim World content!
We’ll also hit an important milestone for this release, with it being the 100th Add-on available for Train Sim World 4!

NEW Wagon: HOA Bogie Hopper

This pack centres around the addition of the new HOA Bogie Hopper Wagon to facilitate more services across three routes where the movement of aggregates is key. Broadly speaking, aggregates consist of any collection of rocks. In the aggregates industry, this can be crushed stone, sand, gravel, and slag for use in the construction, for example.
In Cargo Line Vol.2 - Aggregates, these Wagons are generated in-game in different variants as part of a consist, much like the varied containers that appear within freight consists from other Train Sim World releases. Skyhook Games have implemented random spawning of graffiti and branding on the HOA Bogie Hopper Wagons.
On Great Western Express and Southeastern Highspeed, branded wagons (without graffiti) appear with VTG branding. In Midland Main Line, these wagons appear unbranded.

The Routes Involved

At two of the relevant real-world routes, there are facilities that help load and unload aggregates from trains for further movement by road or processing on site.
  • In Great Western Express, this is done at a number of places including West Drayton and Hayes. Trains run between these locations and the route’s western end point at Reading, where they continue out of the map as AI. In real life, these services head through to Somerset and South Wales.
  • In Midland Main Line, the aggregates facility at Mountsorrel has been redone and updated to accommodate these trains on both timetabled services and in Scenarios. These trains also have end points well beyond the confines of the map, with the in-game services travelling to either Leicester or Nottingham at either end of the route.
  • Southeastern Highspeed doesn’t have any aggregates processing facilities, but a number of Scenarios have been included centred around engineering works which sometimes result in these trains passing through Medway.

Additional Services and Scenarios

A full breakdown of additional services activated with the gameplay pack is found below. The three relevant route Add-ons are required in order to activate these services as layers:

Midland Main Line

Services travel within the confines of the route, between Leicester, Derby and Nottingham.
  • 0451 [MSQ1] Peterborough Hopper Loading
  • 0703 [4F46] Elstow Sidings - Mountsorrel Railhead
  • 0721 [MSQ2] Elstow Hopper Loading
  • 0740 [6D49] Tunstead Sidings - Luton Crescent Road
  • 0805 [6C33] Mountsorrel Railhead - Elstow Sidings
  • 1038 [4H73] Washwood Heath - Tunstead Sidings
  • 1132 [6D34] Radlett Sidings - Mountsorrel Railhead
  • 1138 [6H10] Bletchley - Peak Forest
  • 1151 [MSQ3] Radlett Hopper Loading
  • 1156 [6M01] Tinsley Yard - Bardon Hill
  • 1238 [6H03] Wellingborough Yard - Peak Forest
  • 1235 [6C36] Mountsorrel Railhead - Radlett Sidings
  • 1255 [6D17] Tunstead Sidings - Elstow Sidings
  • 1307 [6D03] Wellingborough Yard - Mountsorrel Railhead
  • 1326 [MSQ4] Wellingborough Hopper Loading
  • 1355 [6D25] Tunstead Sidings - Radlett Sidings
  • 1428 [6F78] Mountsorrel Railhead - Wellingborough Yard
  • 1526 [MSQ5] Ely Hopper Loading
  • 1655 [6V08] Tunstead Sidings - Brentford Sidings
  • 1858 [6M80] Luton Crescent Road - Tunstead Sidings
Players with Southeastern Highspeed installed will also be able to operate the following services, featuring rolling stock from that route Add-on:
  • 0854 [6E69] Tunstead Sidings - Peterborough Yard
  • 1433 [4M85] Luton Crescent Road - Dowlow Briggs Sidings
  • 1633 [6H64] Wellingborough Yard - Hindlow Sidings
  • 1723 [6M55] Brandon Sidings - Tunstead Sidings

Scenarios included:

6M26 Eastleigh Yard - Mountsorrel Railhead

Complete the final leg of this empty hopper run up from Eastleigh to the Mountsorrel railhead, driving from Leicester to Mountsorrel.

Mountsorrel Yard Work

Process the latest arrival of hoppers at the Mountsorrel Railhead.

6E22 Mountsorrel Railhead - Doncaster Decoy

A regular delivery of material to the facility at Doncaster, although today it will be running via Lincoln. Drive between Mountsorrel and Nottingham.

Midland Main Line Updates

In addition to the services and Scenarios, Skyhook Games will be pushing even more updates to their Midland Main Line route. The area around Mountsorrel will receive some updates to facilitate the loading and unloading of aggregates as well as an interactive Portakabin.
Highlights of the update are listed below:
  • Added working interactive loader and interactive Portakabin at Mountsorrel Railhead.
  • Added interactive Portakabin at Etches Patch depot
  • Class 158 improvements including PIS destination fixes, better performance, reduced door closing time and other visual improvements and fixes.
  • HST improvements to the headlight spread and colour, dial needles when illuminated, cab light and ride height correction to the power car.
  • Recast of all static AI layers from other Train Sim World content including addition of Blackpool Branches, Cargo Line Vol.1 and Southeastern Highspeed JNA Wagons.
  • Corrections to route indicators at some junction signals.
  • Corrections to some speed limit changes.
  • Improvements to trackside vegetation
  • Addition of two playable Flying Scotsman rail tour layers (1Z37 & 1Z38) for players that own that content.
  • Amendments to platform placement for Class 158 services at Derby and Nottingham
  • And more...!
A full changelog will be outlined in the Dovetail Games Forums on release or on the Skyhook Games website.

Great Western Express

Services travel within the confines of the route, between Reading and London Paddington.
  • 0155 [6A35] East Usk Yard - West Drayton Railhead
  • 0230 [WDS1] East Usk Hopper Unloading
  • 0245 [6C52A] West Drayton Railhead - Southall Yard
  • 0300 [6C52B] Southall Yard - East Usk Yard
  • 0835 [6A82] Whatley Quarry - Hayes & Harlington Railhead
  • 0935 [HHS1] Whatley Quarry Hopper Unloading
  • 1005 [6B11] Hayes & Harlington Railhead - East Usk Yard
  • 1455 [6A61] Whatley Quarry - West Drayton Railhead
  • 1530 [WDS2] Whatley Quarry Hopper Unloading
  • 1545 [6C62A] West Drayton Railhead - Southall Yard
  • 1600 [6C62B] Southall Yard - East Usk Yard
Players with Southeastern Highspeed installed will also be able to operate the following services, featuring rolling stock from that route Add-on:
  • 0632 [6V20] Wembley - Merehead Quarry
  • 0750 [6M58] Tytherington - Quainton
  • 0936 [6C60] Brentford - Merehead Quarry
  • 1134 [6A50] Whatley Quarry - Brentford
  • 1250 [6N01] Appleford - Willesden
  • 1802 [4V69] Quainton – Tytherington


6A87 East Usk Yard - West Drayton Railhead"

Complete the last leg of this trains run from Newport to West Drayton, picking it up at Slough on the busy Thames Valley. Drive from Slough to West Drayton Railhead.

6A09 Acton Yard - Hayes Railhead

With the jumbo train having arrived from Whatley into Acton, take the Hayes portion to be unloaded at the nearby railhead. Drive from Acton to Hayes Railhead.

6C51 West Drayton Railhead - Whatley Quarry

With unloading complete, undertake the first portion of this trains return to the West Country. Drive from West Drayton to Reading via Southall.

Southeastern Highspeed

Whilst there are no timetabled Aggregates services in Southeastern Highspeed, there are some additional Scenarios:

6V18 Allington Aggregates - Whatley Quarry

Continue the journey of this service from Allington railhead, operating the train between Strood and Dartford.

6Y73 Hoo Junction - Tonbridge West Yard

Closure for engineering works on the Medway Valley means this routine run must go the long way round to reach Tonbridge this time. Drive from Hoo Junction to Faversham.

Additional Suffragette line service layers:

In anticipation of this release, we had already implemented several layered services into the London Overground Suffragette line timetable, so upon purchasing Cargo Line Vol. 2 - Aggregates, a selection of services will automatically appear on that route.
Services travel within the confines of the route, between Gospel Oak and Ripple Lane (Barking):
  • 0050 [6V12] Dagenham Dock to Acton T.C.
  • 0448 [6V90] Dagenham Dock to Acton T.C.
  • 0525 [6L28] Hanwell Bridge to Dagenham Dock
  • 0828 [6O94] Dagenham Dock to Allington Hanson
  • 1056 [7V21] Dagenham Dock to Acton T.C.
  • 1444 [7V21] Dagenham Dock to Acton T.C.
  • 1605 [6L52] Hanwell Bridge to Dagenham Dock
  • 1849 [6L72] Acton T.C. to Dagenham Dock
  • 2014 [6V34] Dagenham Dock to Acton T.C.
Train Sim World 4: Cargo Line Vol.2 - Aggregates Gameplay Pack will be available from 9th May for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam £9.99*/€11.99/$14.99
*£9.49 on the PlayStation Store (EU / USD prices on PS remain as above).
Players on Steam will be able to save 10% with a launch discount from 9th May until 16th May!
Xbox Game Pass players can also get 10% off Train Sim World 4 Add-ons on release (can take 24 hours to go live on the store).
Both Train Sim World 4 and either Train Sim World Compatible: Midland Main Line or Great Western Express are required to make use of services and Scenarios in this gameplay pack, with additional Scenarios available for Southeastern Highspeed.
Train Sim World Compatible: Midland Main Line is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam for £29.99/€35.99/$39.99
Train Sim World Compatible: Great Western Express is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam for £24.99/€29.99/$29.99
Train Sim World Compatible: Southeastern Highspeed is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam for £29.99/€35.99/$39.99

The Cargo Line Collection – available on Steam from 9th May

If you’ve yet to purchase either route Add-on to make use of Cargo Line Vol.2, the Cargo Line Collection will be available to purchase as a bundle from Steam on launch day with the ‘Complete My Collection’ feature. This includes:
  • Midland Main Line
  • Great Western Express
  • Cargo Line Vol.1 - Petroleum
  • Cargo Line Vol.2 - Aggregates
Combined with the launch discount, this means there is possible maximum discount of 20% on Steam for Cargo Line Vol.2 - Aggregates.
The content will be updated on launch day, 9th May. Players that purchase the Cargo Line Collection bundle prior to 9th May will not be entitled to Cargo Line Vol.2 or Great Western Express and will need to purchase these Add-ons separately.
‘Complete My Collection’ means that if you own some of the content already, you can still save by purchasing the remaining content.
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