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Cane Creek - First Look

Take a look at some of the stunning scenery featuring in the upcoming Cane Creek for Train Sim World 2
During Railfan Fest 2021 we revealed some of the first screenshots for Cane Creek, currently in development by Skyhook Games for Train Sim World 2. Running from Brendel to Potash in Utah, this route is famous for the unique rugged scenery. You are surrounded by towering cliffs and the Colorado River as you run your locomotives along the line. You will be hauling empty cars along the line, loading them with potash salt and returning back to the mainline. This creates some exciting gameplay as you battle against gradients that change through the route. You can see the first exclusive screenshots below.
Cane Creek also brings Union Pacific to Train Sim World 2 for the first time. The route features the AC4400CW and SD40-2 in Union Pacific livery. You can look forward to seeing more on these and the route in the coming months. Make sure you're following @trainsimworld on Twitter and Facebook. to make sure you don't miss the next article.
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Train Sim World
16 Apr
Cane Creek - First Look
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