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Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim - Out Now!

Dramatic mountains, cross-border action and a classic tap-changer locomotive all arrive today with Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim!
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Scenarios Update

You may have seen earlier this week that we had identified a few issues with Scenarios on the route which affected the pre-order period for Steam players.
We are pleased to report that the issues, related to completing Scenarios, have been resolved. Players on Steam and Epic will be able to play all 5 Scenarios from launch.
PlayStation and Xbox players should receive an update later today, which will add in the fifth scenario for the route.

The Route: Salzburg – Rosenheim

With origins from as early as 1828, the Rosenheim – Salzburg railway has ferried passengers and freight through Bavaria and across into Austria for many decades. Fast forward to 2013, when this route Add-on is set, and these services are being hauled by electric locomotives of varying types.
In the distance, the landscape is overlooked by mountainous terrain which has been worked on by our environment teams to create a beautiful backdrop for the stations along the line, together with architecture that’s representative of the local Bavarian culture. Along the line side, players will need to hunt down trees that need cutting up and forming into log piles as part of this release’s route collectibles.
Our launch trailer already hints at Salzburg’s most famous musician, with the city being the birthplace of Mozart and being a filming location for The Sound Of Music. A number of stations in this important Austria city lie within its limits, including the Salzburg Liefering station which at the time was still under construction.
Salzburg Hbf is populated with trains from Austrian operator ÖBB, as well as the visiting DB trains, making for a truly multi-national atmosphere. As with other Train Sim World 4 routes, there are some populated shops and cafes within the station and dioramas of workers discussing construction.

Locomotives, Rolling Stock and base timetable

Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim can be experienced in a number of ways with three forms of traction included in the route Add-on. These include:
(NEW) DB BR 111 – An electric locomotive from the 1970s that is still used today, featuring tap-changer controls and a distinctive horn. Eastbound services from Rosenheim to Salzburg have the DB BR 111 leading the train.
Gen 4 Dosto coaches – heading up push-pull westbound services out of Salzburg towards Rosenheim.
DB BR 185.2 - A modern electric locomotive rostered for freight duty with Habbiins and Sggmrss Wagons. These mostly run end-to-end services, with other freight stock substituting some services for players than own other route Add-ons.
ÖBB 4024 Talent 1 – An EMU run by Austrian operator ÖBB for local services in and out of Salzburg Hbf. These run between Salzburg and Freilassing to off-world destinations including: Schwarzach-St.Veit, Golling-Abtenau, Saalfelden, Wels, Bad Reichenhall, and Berchtesgaden.

Additional Service Layers

Additional playable and AI timetable services appear for players that own other German route and locomotive Add-ons. These include:
  • DB BR 628.2, in red DB livery (Niddertalbahn required) - these come from off-world locations such as Landshut or Mühldorf to operate between Freilassing and Salzburg or from Waging to operate between Hufschlag and Traunstein.
  • DB BR 101 loco Add-on – these operate IC, EC, EN and CNL services using the 101 and IC coaches.
  • DB BR 103 rail tour with heritage InterCity train (Linke Rheinstrecke required)
  • Railpool BR 193 Vectron and Eanos Wagon
  • DB BR 363, in red DB livery (loco Add-on required)
Further AI and Static services from other Train Sim World Add-ons consist of the following:
  • DB BR 628.2 can be seen at Freilassing, Traunstein, Prien and Rosenheim
  • DB BR 425 at Traunstein
  • ICE 3 can be seen at Bahnhof Rosenheim
At Freilassing, a number of static museum exhibits for players with Linke Rheinstrecke or Ruhr Sieg Nord can be seen, including:
  • DB BR 103 which will appear between the months of March to August
  • DB BR 110 which will appear between the months of December to February
  • DB BR 155 which will appear between the months of September to November
In anticipation of the forthcoming Semmeringbahn: Wiener Neustadt – Mürzzuschlag route Add-on there will also be 4 playable EC services that use the ÖBB 1116 electric locomotive and coaches for players that own that route. These coaches will also be seen as static stock at Salzburg Hbf.
If you missed our preview stream, head over to Twitch and YouTube and join the Railfan TV Team to see Train Sim World 4: Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim in action.
Train Sim World 4: Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim route Add-on is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam for €35.99/£29.99/$39.99
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Train Sim World 4
27 Feb
Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim - Out Now!