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Arosa Linie Developer Features

Arosalinie: Chur - Arosa arrives this week, find out more about how this has been developed as Rivet Games take you behind the scenes on development and how to drive the Ge 4/4 II

How to Drive the RhB Ge 4/4 II

Driving any mountain railway is challenging and the Arosainie is no different, in this video Rivet Games Community Manager Jasper talks us through the controls of the Ge 4/4 II and how important using the right brakes at the right time is. We highly recommend you give this one a watch before you take to the tracks.

Ge 4/4 II Walkaround Preview

Rivet Games give you a proper look at the Ge 4/4 II, the locomotive is sitting outside Arosa’s engine shed waiting to be explored, so grab your coat and come for a walk around, it may be snowing but you won't want to miss your first glimpse at this brilliant metre gauge Locomotive.

EW1 Passenger Coaches Preview

Although Arosalinie has freight services going both up and down the mountain regularly, it is predominantly passenger-focused. Thousands of tourists and holidaymakers head up the mountain annually, so riding in comfort Is essential. In this walk-around video, the folks from Rivet Games give you an insight into what the journey will be like from the passenger compartment, and some of the key features and details of those carriages.

Building the Ge 4/4 II

3D Artist Matt goes into detail about the creation of the Ge 4/4 II and EW1 passenger coach for Arosalinie. He shows us the fine details and meticulous work that has gone into these brilliant designs, including the highly detailed engine compartment, comprehensive buttons and controls, and lighting effects and textures.

Routebuilding the Arosa Linie

Finally, Stewart who’s an Artist at Rivet Games has shared his experience creating Arosaline for Train Sim World 2 with this interesting Devblog video. He talks you through the details of the route, how they compare to the real thing and the types of terrain and features that go into bringing this idyllic route to life, and how they have created them. You get a glimpse of various terrain you will encounter and the attention to detail they have gone into to give you an immersive experience.
There will be an additional preview showing off Arosalinie: Chur – Arosa and a driver guide on learning how to use the brakes correctly and the pitfalls of getting it wrong, Watch live on Twitch, Steam or YouTube 24 March at 8PM UTC. Tune in to Railfan TV where you can join Jamie, Dovetail Games self-confessed RhB fanatic, and Jasper from Rivet Games.
Arosalinie: Chur - Arosa, developed by Rivet Games, arrives 25th March on Train Sim World 2. As part of our March Madness event you can get a 10% pre-order discount on Steam, so don’t miss out!
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23 Mar
Arosa Linie Developer Features
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