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If you haven’t heard, Train Sim World: Great Western Express is available now, so make sure you head to the Store! Many of you have heard so far, and have been sharing your experiences through reviews, videos, screenshots and social media – let’s take a look!

Community Comments

GWE_CRD_0001 GWE_CRD_0002 GWE_CRD_0003 GWE_CRD_0004 GWE_CRD_0005

Community Videos

Squirrel – Subscribe

TSW – Great Western Express – First Look

PTGRail – Subscribe

Train Sim World – Route Learning: GWR Reading to London Paddington (HST)

GamingRacerHD – Subscribe

Train Sim World – Service Mode 1 – 06:25 Greenford To London Paddington (1080p 60FPS)

Drawyah – Subscribe

Drawyah plays Train Sim World – Night Lighting & Sunrise

TrainSimUSA – Subscribe

Train Sim World : Great Western Express Gameplay (No Commentary)

Christian Hedlund – Subscribe

Train Sim World: Great Western Express (Första streamen) – #HedlundSpelar

Gadarol – Subscribe

Train Sim World DLC, Mit 200 km/h durch England, 16 Great Western Express deutsch german

Alan Thomson – Subscribe

Train Sim World Great Western Express First Look!!

nordrheintvplay – Subscribe

TRAIN SIM WORLD: Great Western Express 1 – der MEGA-ZUG-SIMULATOR? Unterwegs im Schnellzug!

390Trains – Subscribe

Train Simulator World | Service Mode: 5O26 Reading Traincare Depot to Reading | Class 166

Community Screenshots


GWE_CRD_0006 ### Mikhail72RUS ![GWECRD0007]( ![GWECRD0011]( ### Joethefish ![GWECRD0008]( ### RubkuNL GWE_CRD_0009 ### BeBe1304 GWE_CRD_0010 ### River2003 (Kid Goku) GWE_CRD_0012 ### Krewlex GWE_CRD_0013 ### Max1116 GWE_CRD_0014 ### jayjay GWE_CRD_0016

It is great to see so many people enjoying Train Sim World: Great Western Express, from the extensive timetable to the definitive visuals. If you want to get in on the Thames Valley action, make sure you head over to the Store and pick up Train Sim World: Great Western Express, which is available now!

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