The Catch

The Catch: Carp & Coarse Update Out Now

Our latest update for The Catch is now live! In this update we've made a few improvements and fixes to enhance your experience in-game.
Here is the full list of fixes that you will find in this update:
  • Hook length can now be adjusted in online events when using float or dropshot rig
  • After completing and scoring an online event the rewards screen shown should not show player level widget
  • Fixed issue where you could perform a constant or stop and go retrieve using a dropshot rig
  • The ‘twitch’ prompt has been renamed to ‘finesse control’ on RT/R2 control
  • Fixed issue with arm animations when when reeling in MP
  • Favourite bait in angler’s log now shows the correct name
  • Fix for UI indicating that roach and rudd can be caught with soft plastics
  • Fixed snail model not appearing in tacklebox customization
  • ‘No item’ has been changed to ‘none’ in character customization when no accessory is equipped
  • Stats page now uses separate stats for boss and specimen fish and stats update correctly
  • Fixed XP bar not animating on catch screen
  • Fixed level showing incorrectly at end of MP session when player had no progress on their profile
  • Peter Hudd and Claudia Darga added as anglers in events
  • Angler headshots now shown on end of event leaderboards
  • Fix for names not displaying correctly in Online League events on Xbox
  • Hide button image when using any letter – when using ""Unbind key"" all buttons can be removed correctly. Note this issue was present in all languages and affected buttons typically using letters eg WASD for movement.
  • Max FPS can now be set to 60 on PC
The Catch
The Catch: Carp & Coarse Update Out Now