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TS19: Wondrous Wiesel

Climb aboard iconic Austrian traction in the form of the advanced ÖBB 1144 and CityShuttle “Wiesel”, available now for Train Simulator!
In the 1990s, passenger capacity on certain routes in Austria were reaching their limits, and something needed to be done to relieve the strain. It was decided that the only way to go was up, by means of introducing double-decker coaches.
Double-decker coaches have the unique ability to increase capacity without requiring longer trains, and so an order was placed to replace the unfit-for-purpose conventional coaches that fulfilled duty out of Vienna and beyond. The first of the new coaches and control cars rolled out for testing in 1997, they was so successful that passenger operations began the same year, and those who travelled on the new coaches were reportedly impressed.
The new double-decker coaches – which had been branded as the CityShuttle “Wiesel” (Weasel) – transformed travel across Austria, but not before further batches were ordered to meet demand; the latest delivery was completed in 2009, and leaves ÖBB with 325 double-decker vehicles in total.
Being un-powered, the coaches and control cars can only operate with a locomotive at one end, which pushes and pulls the set as necessary. They were built with inter-operability in mind, meaning multiple ÖBB locomotives are compatible with the sets, however one locomotive which regularly operates CityShuttle services is the ÖBB 1144.
The ÖBB 1144 fleet was built in the mid-1970s as the ÖBB 1044, an electric locomotive that was a powerful solution to Austria’s challenging rail network, being able to haul heavy freight or bustling passenger services anywhere from heaving cities to rural mountain passes with ease. They were the backbone of the ÖBB line-up.
In 2000, a batch of EuroSprinter locomotives were ordered to assist and eventually replace them. Instead of scrapping the ÖBB 1044s, they were sent to be converted into locomotives capable of push-pull CityShuttle operations, and as a result of the modifications, were reclassified as the ÖBB 1144.
Twinned up, the ÖBB 1144 and CityShuttle Wiesel make for a great operational pair, and thanks to the efforts of Skyhook Games and Railworks Austria, they have arrived in-duo for Train Simulator service, complete with advanced features.
  • ÖBB 1144 locomotive in ÖBB red and white livery
    • 1144 in original, new condition
    • 1144 in original, weathered condition
    • 1144 with “Grobgitter” (wide mesh) Fans
    • 1144 with “Klatten” Fans
    • 1144 with “Schalldaempfer” (silencer) Fans
    • 1144 with “Schalldaempfer” (silencer) Fans and LZB
  • ÖBB CityShuttle Double-Decker coach and control car
    • ÖBB CityShuttle “Standard” livery, clean
    • ÖBB CityShuttle “Standard” livery, weathered
    • ÖBB CityShuttle “Wiesel” livery, clean
    • ÖBB CityShuttle “Wiesel” livery, weathered
  • Highly interactive cabs
  • Advanced start-up and driving procedures
  • Sifa and PZB90 implementation
  • Advanced passenger door system with random selective opening/closing
  • Accurate sound set, including for each variant of the ÖBB 1144
  • 4 Career scenarios for the Three Country Corner Route
  • Quick Drive Compatible
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Train Simulator
1 Nov
TS19: Wondrous Wiesel
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