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TS18: Unlock a New Perspective…

…of the West Coast Main Line today, with the Pro Range fidelity of the Virgin Trains BR Class 390 ‘Pendolino’, available now for Train Simulator!
Pendolino, derived from the Italian Pendolo (Pendulum), is the name given to a family of high-speed electric multiple units that are capable of tilting into curves. Developed from both the APT-P and ETR 401, the Pendolinos represent some of the latest in comfortable tilting technology.
Virgin Trains ordered a fleet of 53 Pendolinos, which were to become known as the BR Class 390, to revolutionise travel across the West Coast Main Line, well known for its significant curves, slow speeds, and at the time, unreliable traction. Today, there are actually a total of 56 in operation, with many of them extended to 9 and 11-cars to meet capacity demands.
The Class 390 fleet is one of the most hard-working in Britain, with any one unit being capable of exceeding a 1000-mile working day; and now, you can get in on the action and race along the West Coast Main Line at new angles with the Pro Range Pendolino for Train Simulator!
Let’s take a look of the extensive features:
  • 9 and 11- car Pendolino in Virgin Trains West Coast (Classic) Livery
  • Complete rebuild of the Pendolino from scratch including brand new exterior model, enhancement of the cab and passenger interior
  • Completely reworked traction and braking physics to more closely replicate the actual performance of the Pendolino
  • Eco and Boost throttle modes
  • Reworked Speed Set to allow more accurate control over speed
  • AWS Brake Demand (Brake will remain on for a set time after failing to acknowledge AWS alarm)
  • Full headlight and marker light control including hazard lights
  • Optional DVD (Driver Vigilance Device)
  • DSD (Driver Safety Device)
  • DRA (Driver Reminder Appliance)
  • Tilt Isolation feature (either via cab switch or via scenario scripting), with corresponding tilt alarm
  • Master Key operation allowing shut down of the cab and control desk
  • Neutral Section operation
  • Full Wiper Control (Intermittent, Slow and Fast)
  • Simplified form of TASS (Tilt Authorization and Speed Supervision)*
  • Sanding only available during braking, and automatically applied via emergency braking
  • Four challenging Career Scenarios for the WCML Trent Valley Route
  • Quick Drive Compatible
  • Bonus Quick Drive scenarios that permit use of the fast lines on WCML Trent Valley
*Simplified in that speed limits and braking curves are automatically calculated as opposed to receiving information from trackside balises (as the real one does). (TASS will also sound an alarm if 3.5mph above line speed or the braking curve and trigger an emergency brake application if 6mph above).
Take to the fast lines today with the Virgin Trains BR Class 390 ‘Pendolino’, available now! Head to the Store for more details ■
The West Coast Main Line is the stomping ground of the Pendolino, and the Trent Valley (available here) sees plenty of angled action each and every day (above and below).
From the cab is where things really get interesting, the Class 390 reacts to each significant curve, attacking them at anything up to 8° all while flying through the countryside at 2 miles a minute.
Changeable destinations on the doors and unit number-appropriate nameplates are added extra details which bring the Pendolino to life (above). Once the passengers are aboard, it’s time to “set sail” as the tilting mechanism springs to life along the wavy path of the Trent Valley tracks (below).
Combine the Class 390 with the more historical predecessor, the APT-P (available here), and you have multi-generation tilting action at your disposal; the West Coast’s Fallen Stallion and Mighty Steed.
Ready and waiting for departure by your hand, the Pro Range Virgin Trains BR Class 390 ‘Pendolino’ is available now for Train Simulator!
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12 Apr
TS18: Unlock a New Perspective…
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