TS18: The Ten-Fourteen

The remarkable ÖBB 1014 is coming soon to Train Simulator, courtesy of Skyhook Games and Railworks Austria, and in doing so will bring a modern-classic to life in authentic detail.

It was in the mid-1990s when the small fleet of revolutionary ÖBB 1014 locomotives were built. Offering mixed-traffic potential, capable of 175 km/h and kitted out with dual-voltage equipment, the ÖBB 1014s were well-suited to cross-border duties unlike any locomotive before them, with their futuristic design leaving a bold mark wherever they visited.

Now retired from Austrian service, the ÖBB 1014 is set to make a fierce comeback within Train Simulator, putting its strengths through their paces along the scenic Semmeringbahn route. If the return wasn’t spectacular enough, Skyhook Games and Railworks Austria have ensured this locomotive meets Pro Range standards!


With the ÖBB 1014, you’ll be re-enacting scenes of the 1990s as you take passengers across the rising and cascading gradients of the Semmeringbahn route (above and below).



The start-up procedure is quite the spectacle, involving various switches and dials throughout the spacious cab. The reward at the end? An uninterrupted view of the mountains rolling past.


Double-heading is no stranger to freight traffic, and such is the case with this pair of ÖBB 1014s working uphill towards Semmering. The container wagons in-tow accompany the ÖBB 1014, and what can be noted now is the player-selectable pantograph options. Front, rear, or both (above and below).



The throttle and braking system aboard the ÖBB 1014 makes hauling a train up and down gradients a feasible challenge, and to makes things a bit easier (or just to allow you to enjoy the view), a cruise control system is fully implemented (above and below).



A far cry from anything designed prior, the ÖBB 1014 has a very futuristic style to its exterior, particularly in the nose with its modern headlight bank. For dual-era operation, both old and new ÖBB logo variants are at your disposal.


Prepare to revisit the stunning Semmeringbahn, as the ÖBB 1014 is making steady progress towards Train Simulator service!


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