TS18: The Portsmouth Direct – In Detail

Our re-worked Portsmouth Direct Line, which now heads all the way into London Waterloo, is coming soon to Train Simulator, so today we’re going to take a look at how things are shaping up thus far.

Read about the history of the Portsmouth Direct Line here.

The existing section between Portsmouth and Woking is a rework of the popular Steam Workshop version of the route by DPSimulation, which already added the likes of superelevation to the track work, and it is currently being renovated to bring it up to modern day Train Simulator standards. Gone are the abundance of 2D trees and ageing scenery assets; and the old, frequently floating track is now a thing of the past. Further engineering works have taken place at the end of the line, ensuring that 12 car trains can now fit in Portsmouth Harbour station!

Of course, the main appeal is the route’s extension, which heads out of Woking and right into the busiest (in terms of passenger numbers) and largest railway station in the UK – London Waterloo! Opened in 1848, London Waterloo has been the gateway to the south west for generations, and for a time, was the terminus of international services to mainland Europe.

Whilst we’re not quite ready to show you the station up close yet, London Waterloo in Train Simulator will be represented post-renovation, which means all platforms are available and extended as per the projects currently underway in reality.

Of course, between Woking and the terminus are a multitude of stations. Clapham Junction is of particular note for being the busiest in terms of train frequency in all of Europe, and for the first time in Train Simulator, the south western platforms will be the main focus! To make the station feel as bustling as real life, the new Portsmouth Direct Line will include the Class 377 in Southern livery as an additional bonus.

Continuing on, the line passes through the outskirts of Southwest London via Wimbledon, where the depot for south western traction resides. Anyone for tennis?

Beyond the rather impressive and modern-looking design of Surbiton station, the branch line to Hampton Court will shoot off and be represented in full bloom, allowing you take a slower pace aboard vital suburban commuter services.

Now for the traction; a trifecta of red, white and blue South West Trains liveries await, as the new Portsmouth Direct Line features the staple BR Class 450 and express BR Class 444 ‘Desiro’ EMUs (rebuilt by Master Key Simulations) – and atop that, the BR Class 455/8 will be included, modified to represent the SWT variant (gangway door, lack of cab air-conditioning etc.) for suburban use out of London.

As you can see, there’s a lot to offer with the new Portsmouth Direct Line, and we believe it’s only going to get better, especially as we get into showing you everything as development continues. For today, we’ll share what we can below, it’s not all ready but what is there is looking stunning!

Keep an eye out for further news regarding the Portsmouth Direct Line: London Waterloo – Portsmouth route, coming soon to Train Simulator!











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