TS18: Take to the East Coast!

CreativeRail’s East Coast Main Line Modern: York – Peterborough route is available now!

For a limited time only, those who already own at least one of the locomotives featured with the route, the InterCity Class 91, EWS Class 66, and Class 158, can purchase this route at a discount!

Stretching 112 miles between the principal cites of Peterborough and York, and featuring the 9-mile Selby connection, this route captures some of Britain’s fastest, record-breaking rails, historical locations such as the workshops of Doncaster, and of course the highlight that is York station itself – 141 years old and frequented by millions every year.

No less than 10 Career scenarios await, where it can be your duty to perform expresses aboard the InterCity Swallow-liveried High Speed Trains and Class 91s; slower regional services in the Class 158, or even work the significant amount of freight that traverses the line, headed by both the classic Class 47 and modern Class 66.

With quick drive compatibility, the ECML: York – Peterborough route has totally unlocked potential, as it can play host to a multitude of representable eras and services; including the steam age with Gresley Pacifics, Deltic domination, it’s even part of the Cross Country Route.

This route, when used in tandem with the other East Coast Main Line routes available on Steam, allow for a full 268 mile journey from London Kings Cross to Newcastle!

Get the missing link today, the fastest section of the modern-day ECML between York and Peterborough, available now for Train Simulator! Head to the Store for more details ■

ECMLM_0002 At a closing speed of 250mph, two InterCity services race across the East Coast Main Line, bound for capital city stations; London King’s Cross and Edinburgh Waverley. ECMLM_0003 An InterCity225 set, with the Class 91 at the rear, prepares to depart York station on a southbound run of the ECML, the next stop will be Peterborough, making for a 112-mile non-stop journey! ECMLM_0004 At a rather overcast Grantham, a High Speed Train accelerates for Doncaster, meanwhile a Regional Railways Class 158 awaits its next stopping-service duty. ECMLM_0005 Heading north, 91021 takes a service bound for Newcastle along the East Coast Main Line, with a Mk4 ‘Driving Van Trailer’ at the rear. The service flies past an RES-livered Class 47, working a freight train for the South. ECMLM_0006 EWS Class 66 action aplenty: 66209 is seen about the cloudy outskirts of Doncaster, working a string of empty HAA wagons bound for York Yard (above), and 66024 works a similar night time duty through a wintry Selby station, where 158756 takes on passengers for a Regional Railways service to York (below). ECMLM_0007 ECMLM_0008 47290 leads a rake of unloaded container flats along the East Coast Main Line, headed northbound, this soon-to-be-loaded train will use the ECML to transport goods across the country. ECMLM_0009 CreativeRail’s diverse East Coast Main Line Modern: York – Peterborough route, available now for Train Simulator!


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