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TS18: Longhai Locomotion

A scenic section of the Longhai Railway is coming soon to Train Simulator, from Partner Programme developer Simtech Vision, and today, we’re simply going to take a look at their hard work!

Read about the history of the Longhai Railway here.

Depicted below is both the included HXD1 and HXD1C locomotives, performing a mixture of passenger and freight operations, at various locations between Lingbao and Mianchi.




The vibrant landscape is apparent, complete with rolling hills and expansive forests that span this 105 km route from Simtech Vision.




Long distance, long trains. The full Longhai Railway is over 1000 miles long, and both passenger and freight services are often lengthy to increase capacity over the country.



A glimpse into the next Chinese iteration within Train Simulator, keep an eye out for when we bring you more on Simtech Vision’s Longhai Railway: Lingbao – Mianchi route!


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