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Euro Fishing: Update Out Now

We are happy to tell you that our latest patch for Euro Fishing is out now on all platforms.

With this update you will notice improvements to the first tutorial, 'The Basics', which now gives users the choice of using Total or Basic Cast Control and now features a fish fight. While making this changes we have also improved the flow of the tutorial with changes to timings and other minor bug fixes.

We have also made improvements to the water to make it look more realistic when the wind is set to static. Additionally there have been updates to the audio for reeling in and netting a fish as well as the ambient audio. In Live Tournaments we have fixed an issue where the leaderboard fail to load.

In the menus you can now view Koi and Ghost Carp to the species section of the Angler's Log. We have also fixed the Korda IQ-D 4 rig not appearing in the tackle shop.

Full patch notes can be found here: 'The Basics' tutorial has been updated to give players the choice of Total or Basic Cast Control and now features a fish fight. General flow of the tutorial has been improved by adjusting timers and various minor bug fixes. Koi and Ghost Carp can now been viewed in the Angler's Log in the 'Species' section. Water has been improved to now look more realistic when setting the wind to 'Static'. Ambience audio has been slightly adjusted and improved. Fixed issue regarding the audio for reeling in and landing a fish into the net from the lake. Fixed issue where 'Korda IQ-D 4' rig wasn't appearing in the tackle shop. Fixed issue where the leaderboard would fail to load in Live Tournaments. Various minor bug fixes

We are also delighted to say that our next venue 'Waldsee' will be released on Tuesday 9th January 2018!

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Euro Fishing Update Out Now!

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