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Dovetail Live Update

Your Dovetail Live, your profile, read about the new features...

We are very excited to announce the launch of new features for Dovetail Live. Our aim was to make the website faster, easier to navigate, user-friendly and most importantly, personalised.
From today, your Dovetail Live profile is getting an update. We’d like to introduce you to some of the new features you can use:

New unique Display Names

If you have an existing Dovetail Live Profile you will be prompted to set up your Dovetail Live Profile with a unique Display Name. This automatically converts your account and gives you a personal URL (which you can also share). Your new Display Name will be combined with a random 4-digit suffix to generate a new username like "SimFan#6399"
If you are new to Dovetail Live, you can set up a new profile by registering on our global navigation. All new profiles created will include the new features allowing you to share with other players.

Sharing is now open to all members

With your new Dovetail Live Profile ready, head to your Profile page as usual. Once here you'll notice that your URL is now unique and includes your Display Name. You can share this page to show others your progress or, if you want to highlight something in particular, you can open that and share the direct link. For example, your favourite screenshot or Logbook report. You will need to be logged in to view profiles of other players.

Privacy, you control

If you don't want others to see your progress, you can find options in the settings. Use these to individually hide / show your screenshots, Logbooks and Mastery Stats. These settings can be changed at any time. Once hidden anyone navigating to your profile will get a message to say that these cannot be viewed.

What does it mean for my favourite Dovetail game?

For Train Sim World 2:
  • Share moments from your Journeys with your Railfan Shots
  • Show off efficient driving with reports from your Driver’s Logbook
  • Follow Mastery progress for you and your friends
For Catch – Carp & Coarse:
  • Share screenshots and that perfect catch with your fellow fishing buddies
  • Compare Logbooks and show others what you have been doing
  • Follow Mastery progress for you and your friends
For Fishing Sim World:
  • Follow Mastery progress for you and your friends
    This is just the beginning for upgrades to your Dovetail Live Profile. We can’t wait to see your Railfan or Fishing Shots and Logbook adventures. Got something you’re proud of and want to share, or just have feedback on Dovetail Live, let us know either in the forums or across our social platforms.
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Dovetail Live Update