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FSW: Career Mode Update #3 Available Now

Happy weekend to our frequent flyers,
We've got an update to the public Career Mode branch with a number of tweaks to the missions and the enabling of maintenance jobs. You can find the full list below:
  • Maintenance jobs have now been enabled. However, please be aware that failures of this type of mission are now also supported!
  • Cargo jobs will now have increased weight.
  • PAX jobs will now have increased potential numbers of passengers.
  • Some jobs will now have an increased pay rate.
  • Some jobs (particularly Maintenance jobs) now have a reduced range.
  • Dramatically changed available aircraft for some jobs - for example, slower
  • Cubs will now appear less in bigger jobs.
  • Weather conditions have been changed so that early jobs are less likely to encounter bad weather.
  • Reputation reward has been increased for some jobs (particularly MEP jobs).
  • Difficulty across jobs will now be better balanced and will ramp up in value.
  • Random weather themes and times of day are now supported.
  • Failure support for jobs has now been improved. # Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug related to a sky/weather graphical issue.
  • Fixed a bug where MEP jobs should now correctly choose MEP aircraft.
  • Fixed a bug that will now allow for multi-line descriptions in the post-flight screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the cold night theme was not at night.
  • Fixed a bug relating to the text of Delivery Flight job on the Job Board and Front Desk screens.
  • Fixed a bug where the display of total money and reputation were out of position.
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6 Apr
FSW: Career Mode Update #3 Available Now
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