Wartime Workhorse: Just Flight's Stinson L-5 Now On Steam

A general purpose workhorse from World War II, Just Flight's super-detailed Stinson L-5 Sentinel is now available on Steam for FSX: Steam Edition. Rather than using a commercially available aircraft, the US military went all-out and had the L-5 built to their own specifications.

Available on Steam now, courtesy of developers Just Flight, the L-5 Sentinel includes a wealth of detail features:

  • Highly detailed down to individual rivets and fabric effects
  • Fully animated, highly realistic pilot and observer
  • Removable engine cover reveals the detailed Lycoming engine
  • Animated doors and drop-down Perspex windows
  • Weather covers and pre-flights included
  • Realistic 'shake' on airframe at engine start and idle
  • Realistic needle tremble on engine start and low speed idle
  • Realistic engine start procedure with prop stutter
  • Cold and Dark start function using a switch
  • Specially animated aileron droop function in combination with flaps
  • Working rear observer’s controls
  • All wires and pulleys for control surfaces are animated
  • Full period radio suite

Click here for full details.

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