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SDK & P-40F Warhawk Available Now


I wanted to share one of our big development milestones with you; the release of SDK v1.0, which will open the door for you to create content for Flight Sim World!

These are the same tools used by our flight developer partners, each of whom had specific requirements in order to bring the variety of add-on content released thus far to the platform. Whether that was building an aircraft, unique scenery objects or tools that interface with Flight Sim World, their feedback has been invaluable in solidifying a comprehensive set of tools, and ultimately more options for you as creators.

The Curtiss P-40F Warhawk, developed by BlueSky Flight Simulations is an incredibly detailed warbird, and a prime example of the flexibility offered by our SDK. To release this add-on, we worked with BlueSky to ensure Accu-Feel delivered the experience they required, created a new outfit for the pilot model, and made additional tweaks to the core to accommodate the development of military aircraft.


Here's what Chris Ellis, CEO of BlueSky Flight Simulations, has to say:

"The FSW development team have the same passion, drive and excellence that we have in terms of giving the community the best aircraft and platform that we as simmers, would want to fly in. Dovetail have been instrumental in helping with this along with an excellent SDK and in-sim tools to allow for the advanced features required for the P-40F."

The P-40F is a different breed of aircraft. Its high speed and ability to handle tight turns make it a pleasure to fly after you've gotten it off the ground. You can find out more about it (and the generous 30% early bird discount) on the store page. It's the first military aircraft in Flight Sim World and opens the door for more advanced military aircraft in the future.


Those advanced systems will be brought into future iterations of the SDK. Releasing SDK V1.0 has been a big development focus over the past few months, and we can't wait to see the unique content that will be built by both seasoned developers and anyone new to the tools.

If you own Flight Sim World, SDK V1.0 can now be downloaded by looking in the 'Tools' section of your Steam account. SDK V1.0 is bundled with the Pro Mission Editor, so if you have that installed it should automatically update. Detailed Documentation on how to use the SDK can be found HERE.

Working with Just Flight, FS Flight Control, Turbulent Designs and BlueSky FS, has helped us put the final touches on SDK V1.0, so go and download it and let us all know what you get up to in the tools. We've got a full SDK FAQ HERE as well.

So what's next?

We've been eager to expand the available stock aircraft in Flight Sim World for a while. We're currently laying the foundations for IFR implementation, which will not only enhance your GA experience, but also allow us to bring the jet we're working on into the core of Flight Sim World. We'll have more to share on this in the near future!

  • Stephen Hood
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