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Day in the Life of a Mission Designer - DTG Joeri

We're eager to give you all a closer insight into the development process here at Dovetail, where we'll be regularly updating you with dev blog posts and other updates about the sim.

In the mean time, we also wanted to take a moment to introduce the team members who make life a little brighter in the DT office. Starting with our aviation aficionado and well-known Boeing fan, Joeri, who has taken a moment to share a little insight into what it's like working on Flight Sim World as a mission designer.


"For me, the day starts with a cup of coffee and a quick chat with my friends in the office. After that, it's time to boot up the programs, check my tasks for today and grab the right documentation I'll need to do my tasks.

At 10:00, the entire Flight team gathers for the morning stand-up, where we discuss what we will be working on today and if there are any blockers or issues that prevent us from doing our job.

After that, I'll take care of my tasks until 12:00 because then it's time for the best part of the day, lunch! Around here there are a lot of fast food chains so it's always hard to resist the urge to go for a juicy burger or some fried chicken, and instead to pick something healthy.

At 13:00 lunch is over and it's time to get cracking again. Whether it's creating a mission, writing a voice-over script, writing documentation or even just researching options for future missions, it's always important to keep a clear mindset and to stay focused on what you're doing. It's imperative to keep things organized, because with mission creation things can get very messy, very quickly. There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind while creating missions in order to keep them interesting, original and realistic. Finding the border between making a mission playable for beginners, but fun and skill intensive for advanced flight simmers is usually rather challenging.


After lunch, the day always seems to fly past. I'm so focused on making my missions, that it usually seems like a blur to me. I guess you could say it's the part of the day where I'm right in my zone.

Somewhere between 17:00 and 19:00 it's the end of the day, my eyes are square from the monitors and it's time to head home.

Mission creation is hard, especially on an engine that's constantly being developed. But I really love what I'm doing, and I don't think I'd rather be doing anything else. Unless it's actually flying of course."

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