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Autopilot Guide: Piper PA-34 Seneca & Piper PA-46 Malibu Mirage

If you've yet to check out the Kahului Air free mission pack and take on the role of a charter airline pilot, there's no better time than this holiday season to take to the skies.

A useful trick will be setting the autopilot, so we've outlined the steps for getting the most out of the systems in the PA-34 and PA-46.

PA-34 Seneca:

Turning the Autopilot on 1

Adjusting Heading Hold

  1. Press the heading button on the G500. 2

  2. Use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down, adjusting your heading using the left hand G500 knob. 3

  3. Make sure the heading mode is activated on SYS55X autopilot unit. 4

Setting the altitude

  1. Press the altitude button on the G500. 5

  2. Use your mouse wheel to scroll and change altitude. 6 Alternatively

  3. Turn on the altitude button on the SYS55X autopilot unit. 7

  4. Adjust altitude by using the scroll wheel on this knob on the Autopilot. 8

Flying by GPS to the nearest airport

  1. Press 'Shift + 1' to bring up the GPS

  2. Press the 'direct to' button 9

  3. Highlight just about the right knob and press 3 times 10

  4. Then press enter on the GNS430 11

  5. Press enter again

  6. Turn on 'Nav' 12

  7. Turn off heading 13

  8. Re-open your GPS 'Shift + 1'

  9. Switch from VLOC to GPS by pressing the CDI button 14

  10. Change the course deviation indicator on the Garmin display by pressing this button. 15

PA-46 Mirage

Turning the Autopilot on 1

Adjusting Heading Hold

  1. Press the button here 2

  2. Adjust heading with your scroll wheel 3

Setting the altitude

  1. Activate your auto pilot by pressing 'Alt' on the SYS55X autopilot unit. 4

  2. Set your altitude using the scroll wheel 5

Flying with the GPS

  1. Press Shift 2 to bring up the GNS 530

  2. Press CDI to switch to GPS 6

  3. Engage GPS by turning on 'NAV' 7

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