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10 Top Tips For New Flight Simmers

We asked the Flight Sim World community what they'd tell a new simmer joining the hobby, or themselves if they could go back in time. These are some top tips from the people who've spent hours in the cockpit.

  1. Go through the missions you will be flying in no time. Knowing basics, the advanced stuff will come later as you learn.
  2. Start slow. Get the basics right. VFR and then IFR. Basic navigation...none of this Garmin stuff to begin with. ATC with plenty of radio practice. And, remember, keep a log if you can - and practice, practice and practice.
  3. Watch YouTube tutorials on flying sims and practice one thing at a time.
  4. Fly on good multiplayer servers stay away from annoying idiots.
  5. Learn the basics flying in GA before learning Jets. Get the grades like real pilots do.
  6. The right controllers and sensitivities make a big difference for newcomers behind an airplane.
  7. A tail dragger is the wrong plane for a student to learn in. The front view is restricted, and takeoff and landings require more rudder input (From what I can gather, a 737 isn't the best place to start either).
  8. Learn how to use the instrumentation.
  9. There is a learning curve for everything in life and flight simming is no different. It can be steep. Start out small, just as in real life, and work your way up.
  10. Take the time to enjoy the wide range of experiences that await you. Flight simming isn't necessarily all about the airplanes; literally the whole world is waiting to be experienced in many different ways.
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