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The Pike Fighting Update is out now!
Our second update for Fishing Sim World has now been launched on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Again, your input has been invaluable on our forums or through reviews and social media channels. This update focusses primarily on bug fixes but here are the highlights; · Improvements * Improved the pike fighting. Bigger pike have more energy and the fight takes longer * New ripples and water foaming to indicate a fishes location (fish tells) * Improved weather conditions and effect of conditions to the environment on all venues * Ensured trees appear more ‘crisp’ and less blurry over distance on all venues * The character now gets wet when it rains in game * Decreased the number of fish tells on Grand Union Canal * Improved collision on water features such as rocks to stop fish swimming through them * Improved collision between players in multiplayer * Improved collision between the players boat and reeds in the water · Bug Fixes * Fixed crash related to those players who purchased the Sunline Siglon PE 30lb line. ▪ IMPORTANT: For those players who created a tackle box using the Sunline Siglon PE 30lb line between 1st Patch and 2nd Patch the game will no longer crash when viewing the item or attempt to go onto a lake. However, it will crash if you go into the lake and equip the faulty tacklebox. To fix this issue, delete your tackle box containing the affected line after the Pike Fighting Update patch installs * Catching Walleye now awards experience points (XP) * Fixed rod failing to be sitting on bank sticks correctly when you are a multiplayer client * Fixed fellow player appearing to walk on the spot in multiplayer * Fixed random coloured flashing reflections on the water * Fixed thick black line on the horizon of the water * The loading spinner icon no longer shows indefinitely above an item in the in-game shop * Ensured boats appear correctly in the shop model viewer * Button prompts appear correctly for all actions on Xbox One * Replaced the canopy for a roof on second jetty building on Lake Boulder so a rod no longer passes through it * Depth UI appears correctly when fishing at depths of over 100ft * Equipment textures immediately load correctly in shop and customise menus * Fixed species stats circle not appearing correctly on lake selection screen * Dovetail Live (DTL) article buttons appear correctly * Message is given when no articles are available or no internet connection when accessing DTL articles * DTL options appear in settings menu after loading the game not signed in but then signing in when prompted * Lure rattling audio no longer plays when driving * General clothing improvements We also want to tell you what we are working on in the next update, ‘The Trolling Motor update’ which will be coming soon. Highlights include * Trolling motor feature – ability to use the trolling motor in-game * New species – Zander will be added to all appropriate lakes * New rod resistance – the amount of resistance when moving the rod will give you the feel for the weight of the fish you are fighting * Added bigger trophy catfish to Waldsee * Improved the amount the rod bends in relation to what type of rod it is. Carp rods will bend less than bass rods * Slightly moved boat spawn positions on Lake Boulder so all boats spawn consistently in single player tournaments * Ensured button prompts disappear when teleporting to another location * Improved the balance of audio after recent changes to tension sounds * Ensured all lakes and live events appear in menu correctly and can be loaded * Ensured lure rattling audio can only be heard at appropriate times * Fixed branches of trees popping out on character on Bergsee * Characters no longer walk on top of banksticks/rods * Improved collision on US lakes to stop boat driving through vegetation * Ensured male and female smiles appear correctly on catch screen * Improved appearance of rain falling from sky * Ensure the pause menu doesn’t show when in fish presentation screen in multiplayer
8 months ago
October Dovetail Fishing League Tournaments
The October Dovetail Fishing League has now started. Each series will have a tournament per week. Below you will find details of the events that will be taking place. Remember that it is your best score from your attempts that is counted, it isn't a cumulative total across your 3 attempts. Big Bass Tour In the Big Bass Tour the events will be as follows: * Week 1 - Lake Boulder at sunrise * Week 2 - Lake Johnson in the afternoon * Week 3 - Lake Boulder in the morning * Week 4 - Lake Johnson at sunset In Big Bass Tour events your score will be the total weight of your top 5 catches that are counted towards your total score. Carp Championship The October Carp Championship will take place at the following venues: * Week 1 - Grand Union Canal at sunrise * Week 2 - Bergsee at sunset * Week 3 - Manor Farm at night * Week 4 - Gigantica at sunrise In the Carp Championship tournaments your score will be the total weight of all carp caught. Predator Challenge Here are the tournaments in the Predator Challenge for October: * Week 1 - Lake Johnson in the morning * Week 2 - Waldsee at sunrise * Week 3 - Grand Union Canal at sunset * Week 4 - Lake Boulder in the afternoon Predator Series events count the total length of predatory species caught. Match Series In the Match Series the tournaments taking place will be: * Week 1 - Manor Farm at sunset * Week 2 - Gigantica in the morning * Week 3 - Bergsee in the afternoon * Week 4 - Waldsee at night In the Match Series you are trying to catch the highest total number of fish. []
8 months ago
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