Fishing Sim World

Winter Update Out Now

The Winter Update is available now for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour. This is a small update containing some minor bug fixes. Those experiencing problems with loading Lake Miller in the Pro Career Mode should now be able to access it. We’ve also made some changes to Catfish populations and their interests in different lures for Lago del mundo.
Full update notes:
  • Fixed an issue with loading Lake Miller at night – this was affecting the Badger State Championship in Career Mode
  • Added more wels catfish to the population of Lago del mundo
  • Increased bite rate of catfish in Lago del mundo
  • Updated data to allow catfish to take large buzzbaits, large spinner baits and large diving crankbaits
  • Updated catfish sim behaviour to stop them only swimming in the deepest water depth
  • Online tournaments now show remaining entries and fees correctly
  • Minor bug fixes
Fishing Sim World
Winter Update Out Now
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