Fishing Sim World

Trolling Motor Update Out Now!

Our latest update for Fishing Sim World is now available across all platforms. This is another significant release with the highlight being a fully functioning trolling motor on all boats for you to use. Other key improvements include a new species of fish, the zander being added to the Grand Union Canal with two trophy zander being able to be caught from this venue. Also, there are 3 new, bigger trophy catfish to be able to be caught from Waldsee. Finally, resistance to the movement of the rod has been added whilst playing a fish. The tighter the line tension, the slower you will be able to raise the rod in the fight giving feedback as to the weight of the fish you are playing.
Full update notes are below;


  • Trolling motor now available to use on all Bass boats
  • New species of fish added to Grand Union Canal – zander
  • Added 3 new, bigger trophy catfish to Waldsee
  • Added resistance to the movement of the rod when playing fish related to the line tension
  • Decreased the difficulty of single player predator tournament #4 to ensure AI doesn’t gain unrealistic scores
  • Changed the depth individual species of fish will swim to for increased realism
  • Christmas clothing awards for Dovetail Fishing League participants
  • Adjusted the amount a rod will bend depending on tension being applied and distance from the angler
  • Improved reflections during cloudy and wet conditions
  • Improved scale patterns and shades of colours of pike and spotted bass
  • Improved environmental audio on Lake Williams
  • Improved collision on all lakes
  • Improved lighting for different times of days / conditions on Lake Williams
  • Improved spawn locations for boats in Single Player Tournaments
  • Improved animations on characters when holding fish

Bug fixes

  • Trophy White Crappie for Lake Williams will appear in the Anglers Log
  • Improved localised text in-game
  • Fixed close peg prompt showing whilst teleporting to another location
  • Fixed casting button prompt showing after teleporting to another location
  • Fixed equipping a different tackle box through the inventory occasionally crashing the game
  • Selected casting method will remain saved when relaunching the game
  • Can sign into the game and skip intro when already launched the game on Xbox One
  • Ensure Add-On store loads correctly for Xbox One when signing in after launching the game
  • Balanced audio changes after previous changes to line tension sounds
We are already working hard on bringing you a further update soon after The Trolling Motor Update and this will include;
  • Improved bass fighting – when the bass dives deeper when hooked, line tension will increase and you need to respond accordingly
  • Second fish finder at front of the boat to be used in conjunction with trolling motor
  • Vibration added during the fish fight
  • Adding a sliding scale of vibration through the controller rather than simply on or off
  • Fixed line getting stuck in the boat when casting out
  • Improved water splash effects when using a top water lure
  • Added collision between the character and fishing line
  • Increased the number of catfish in Waldsee
  • Improved collision on Lake Boulder
  • Fixed ‘Switch casting method’ prompt appearing after teleporting to different area of lake whilst in casting state
Fishing Sim World
Trolling Motor Update Out Now!