The Pike

Each week will see us focus on a different theme as we build up to the launch of Fishing Sim World and this week sees us look in depth at the predators in our venues.

Fishing Sim World will launch with 18 different species of fish and included amongst them are the fearsome northern pike or just pike as they are known as in Britain. These prehistoric looking fish are sometimes referred to as ‘crocs’ due to their characteristics making themselves look like the fish equivalent of crocodile!


Pike are commonly found across Europe and the majority of the United States and Canada. They can grow to a very large size with the maximum recorded length of up to 150 cm and the largest accepted weight being 55lbs caught in Germany in 1986. However, northern pike in North America rarely reach the same average weights of those in Europe but one of the largest recorded catches was a 46lb monster from New York in 1940.

Pike are most often olive green with yellow to white shading along the belly. Their flanks are marked with light bar-like spots and their fins are sometimes reddish. They are an aggressive species especially when feeding where they can suspend themselves motionless in wait for prey before a sudden burst of speed to capture their prey. Unlike some of the other species you may find in the European venues they share with, Pike are least active at night.


Fishing for pike is very popular in Europe where specific tactics are used to target them whereas in North America, they are seen as more of a hindrance to bass anglers although targeting them specifically is still a possibility. They are popular for their determined fighting and power when hooked. However, once landed, you need specialist equipment to handle them due to the number and sharpness of their teeth! Another species in Fishing Sim World is the chain pickerel which is a member of the pike family. However, chain pickerel grow much smaller with the average weight being around 2lbs and unlike the pike, is only found in certain regions of the United States and Canada.


In Fishing Sim World, you can expect to find the Northern Pike in all 5 of our European venues as well as Lake Boulder in upstate New York whereas the Chain Pickerel is found in both of our US venues, Lake Boulder and Lake Johnson (Florida). There are specimens of over 30lbs to target and using the different lures on offer will give you the best chance of successfully hooking into these species but try scaling down to specifically target the Chain Pickerel. When you hook into one, be prepared for an explosive fight and use your skill and patience to successfully land one!


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