Fishing Sim World

The Bass Fighting Update is out now

The latest update for Fishing Sim World is now available across all platforms. Highlights of this update include improved bass fighting with the bass diving deeper during the fight (and the controller vibrating appropriately) meaning that line tension will increase and you will need to react and adjust the drag accordingly - rod position, drag setting, line choice and hook set quality are now more important than ever! Also featured is a second fish finder at the front of your boat to be used in conjunction with the trolling motor.
Full update notes are below;
  • Improved bass fighting – when the bass dives deeper when hooked, line tension will increase and you need to respond accordingly
  • Second fish finder at front of the boat to be used in conjunction with trolling motor
  • Vibration added during the fish fight
  • Adding a sliding scale of vibration through the controller rather than simply on or off
  • Improved the targeting of fish species by improving how different species of fish react to different types of lures and baits
  • Improved water splash effects when using a top water lure
  • Added collision between the character and fishing line
  • Ensured that fish in Gigantica can be caught around the margins of the lake
  • Increased the number of catfish in Waldsee
  • Reduced the frequency of bites on Manor Farm Lake
  • Added catfish as an eligible species to score points in predator tournament on Manor Farm Lake
  • Improved camera angles when reeling in and using the trolling motor
  • Added player level names as well as level numbers
  • Fixed line getting stuck in the boat when casting out
  • Improved collision on Lake Boulder and Lake Williams
  • Fixed ‘Switch casting method’ prompt appearing after teleporting to different area of lake whilst in casting state
  • Made trolling motor UI visible in ‘partial HUD’ setting option
  • Various localisation fixes
  • Various clothing appearance issues fixed
  • Various audio improvements
The next update for Fishing Sim World will be available soon after the Bass Fighting Update. This update will focus on multiplayer issues and includes;
  • Fix for camera spinning wildly if the client becomes out of synch from the host
  • Fix for animations going out of synch when accessing menus while bass fishing. Players can now reset the player by going back to boat driving mode and back again to clear the issue if it occurs
  • General stability improvements
  • Fixed streaming issue for clients that can cause a crash
  • Added texture optimisation to stop MP crash for Clients
  • Fixed issue where fish would take longer to net on multiplayer client than host or single player.
  • Text in catch screen will now resize correctly if it doesn't fit (applies to single player as well)
  • Fixed issue where camera would stutter on multiplayer client.
  • Fixed issue with player name not appearing when starting the game for the very first time.
  • Stopped "ROD SELECTION" button prompt from showing when the claimed peg is NOT a boat peg (applies to single player as well)
  • Fixed issue with "Reset cast" not working if pressed right before the bait hits the water (applies to single player as well)
  • Always show 4 entries in MultiPlayer if you're last on the leaderboard.
  • Single player - Stopped level name reverting once you reach "Prestige" level
  • Single player - Stopped the skipping of level 100 once you reach level 99 at max prestige
Fishing Sim World
The Bass Fighting Update is out now