October Dovetail Fishing League Tournaments

The October Dovetail Fishing League has now started. Each series will have a tournament per week. Below you will find details of the events that will be taking place. Remember that it is your best score from your attempts that is counted, it isn't a cumulative total across your 3 attempts.

Big Bass Tour

In the Big Bass Tour the events will be as follows:

  • Week 1 - Lake Boulder at sunrise
  • Week 2 - Lake Johnson in the afternoon
  • Week 3 - Lake Boulder in the morning
  • Week 4 - Lake Johnson at sunset

In Big Bass Tour events your score will be the total weight of your top 5 catches that are counted towards your total score.

Carp Championship

The October Carp Championship will take place at the following venues:

  • Week 1 - Grand Union Canal at sunrise
  • Week 2 - Bergsee at sunset
  • Week 3 - Manor Farm at night
  • Week 4 - Gigantica at sunrise

In the Carp Championship tournaments your score will be the total weight of all carp caught.

Predator Challenge

Here are the tournaments in the Predator Challenge for October:

  • Week 1 - Lake Johnson in the morning
  • Week 2 - Waldsee at sunrise
  • Week 3 - Grand Union Canal at sunset
  • Week 4 - Lake Boulder in the afternoon

Predator Series events count the total length of predatory species caught.

Match Series

In the Match Series the tournaments taking place will be:

  • Week 1 - Manor Farm at sunset
  • Week 2 - Gigantica in the morning
  • Week 3 - Bergsee in the afternoon
  • Week 4 - Waldsee at night

In the Match Series you are trying to catch the highest total number of fish.


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