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Monster Reward Update Out Now

We’ve been working away on all the feedback, bugs, thoughts and comments that you’ve made on our forums or through social media and reviews. Many thanks to everyone who has helped us! The first update for Fishing Sim World will launch this Thursday the 18th October on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
Let’s go through the highlights step by step.

New Fish Species!

For all players, two new species of fish will be added in this update: Walleye and Bluegill. Perfect for the vast open lakes of bass fishing, these will be available to catch and fully represented in the Anglers Log.

Bug Fixes!

This is a long list of the majority of the detailed fixes. There are changes, fixes and improvements across almost every area of the sim.
  • All achievements are now available and unlock correctly
  • All sub menus now available in the audio tab of the options menu
  • You can now no longer hear boats starting up wherever you are on the lake
Enhanced settings
  • You can now invert camera (Y Axis)
  • You can now alter mouse sensitivity and controller vibration options
HUD & Menus
Immersion Mode
  • You can now turn off the HUD entirely while fishing
  • You can turn off other players names in Multiplayer in reduced HUD
  • Depth widget has been removed from ‘minimal’ and ‘no hud’ modes
  • You can toggle off the UI during catch shot screens
  • New tension audio added when reeling in fish, that corresponds to the weight of the fish
  • Minimal HUD mode also now available
  • Various minor localisation bugs fixed
  • Bits of the HUD no longer show during loading screen
  • Correct list of species of fish available to catch for each venue
  • Lake description now correct in Freedom Fishing for Bergsee
  • Setting screen now saves correctly
  • Fixed rough edges in customisation screens
  • Fixed boat clipping the UI in the customisation screens
  • Improved tool tip images
Fish & Fish Behaviour
Fish and Fish Fighting Improvements
  • Smallmouth bass swim differently to largemouth to differentiate fight between species
  • Bass have more energy and the fights last longer
  • It is now more difficult to catch fish in Gigantica
  • Fish now swim away when escaping rather than disappearing
  • Catfish can now be caught when using lures
  • Fish no longer get stuck on water debris in Grand Union Canal
  • Fixed fish ‘bouncing’ on water surface when they have given up fighting
  • Added Pike to species list in Bergsee
  • Fish can no longer escape between being caught and the catch shot!
  • Fish can no longer swim on land next to the canal inlet in Grand Union Canal
  • Fixed catfish occasionally appearing black
  • The yellow perch appearance has been improved
  • Boats require less build up and button pressure to drive at speed
  • Added nightglow sweetcorn into the tackle shop
  • Lures now sink faster or slower as appropriate for the lure
  • Fish attraction to lures has been improved, depending on the size of both the lure and the fish
  • Correct asset and description now shown for Sunline Siglon PE 30lb and Vursa Braid Spinning 20lb
  • Fixed controller vibrating when reel speed changed but not reeling in
  • Improved collision with shoreline while on a boat
  • Improved clothing appearances, fixing clipping issues
  • Yellow maggot now has the correct colour image within the tackle shop
  • Rotating reels sit on top of rods with line attacher and line will no longer appear to float
  • Characters no longer get stuck in terrain if turning on the spot
  • Characters hands no longer look detached if wearing a hoodie in a catch shot
  • Characters no longer get stuck in path debris on the Grand Union Canal
  • Character polish improvements
  • Added smile to characters when holding fish!
  • Catch prompt no longer appears when fighting fish as netting is automatic
  • Temperature now displays correctly
  • Temperature in fahrenheit now has the degrees symbol
  • Boat spawn location on Lake Boulder moved to allow better access
  • Fixed camera if the player is rotating while fighting a fish
  • Added gameplay intro video into the start of the game
  • Gigantica and Grand Union Canals landing mat positions have been updated
Multiplayer & Single Player Tournaments
  • You can now mute players in multiplayer mode
  • You can hide other players names using the advanced hud mode
  • In-game live tournament leaderboard now has ‘show my position / show top’ options
  • Variable weather is now available in live tournaments
  • Added voice chat widget to message overlay widget to see who is talking during loading screens
Live Event Tournament Rewards
  • Finishing well in a tournament now gives you clothing rewards
  • Fixed an issue with claiming pegs
  • Fixed catch screen HUD staying visible when starting multiplayer
  • Fixed rare issue of fish finder component crashing at the end of a tournament
  • Buoys in single player tournaments on Gigantica no longer too high in water
  • Fixed boats not appearing when the multiplayer host migrates
  • Fixed rare bug where a player could spawn in the middle of a lake
  • Fixed it taking longer to catch fish in multiplayer as the host
  • Host of multiplayer sessions now see catch shots
  • Players can no longer get stuck after catching a fish in a tournament
  • The continue prompt at the end of a single player tournament will now always be clickable
  • Fixed timer disappearing after opening inventory in live events
XBOX specific
  • Fixed various issues caused by signing in after launching the game
PC specific
  • Selecting English language in Steam will now work correctly on a non-English set PC
  • Mapping your own keyboard controls (Keybinding)
PlayStation 4 specific
  • Ensure fish can be caught and catch screen appears correctly for both host and client

Dovetail Live Improvements and Rewards

We’ve upgraded Dovetail Live within Fishing Sim World. As a main reward, anyone who has registered and logged into Dovetail Live within Fishing Sim World will receive two pieces of free equipment.
To receive these two items, sign into Dovetail Live and go to the Online menu option. The items will unlock for you.
  1. The Haichou Odyssey Live is a high performance 50MPH addition to your boat fleet, superior to the immediately available starter boats.
  1. A new t-shirt with a classic blue digital camo design that you can find unlocked in the customise menu.
You can now also read Dovetail Live articles directly in-game!

Tournament Clothing Rewards

Starting in November, winning and placing highly in our tournaments now bring you prizes in the form of clothing. Wear them with pride and let everyone in multiplayer know what they’re up against.
Winners of weekly events will be awarded a ‘Champion’ t-shirt whilst 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded a ‘podium’ t-shirt. If you finish in the top 5% of all entries, you will earn a ‘series’ t-shirt.
The same rewards are in place for the end of each season but hoodies as well as t-shirts are your prize.
That’s our full list of fixes, improvements and rewards for this update. We are working on more updates so please keep your feedback coming. We hope we’ve addressed some of the points you’ve all referenced in reviews, forum comments and on social media - if we did, let us know!
Thanks for playing so far, more of this to come.
The Dovetail Games Fishing Team.
Fishing Sim World
Monster Reward Update Out Now