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Mastery Update for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour Out Now!

The Mastery Update is now out for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour and should be downloading for you.
In this update we have introduced a new way for you to play and earn unique rewards in game with the Dovetail Live Mastery system. Five of our lakes will have a set of challenges divided into three tiers. Complete a tier of challenges and you will receive an in-game reward as well as unlocking the next tier. Find out more about the Mastery System and how it works here and make sure you’re registered for Dovetail Live
In addition to this the update has general improvements and gameplay fixes. Based on your feedback we have now increased the bite rate for pike on Wraysbury and we have adjusted the models for the salmon species.
Change list:
  • Added in Dovetail Live Mastery & your own stats data
  • Trout added to lake species list for Waldsee in Lake Select menu
  • Increased bite rate of pike on Wraysbury
  • Hidden the option to select a boat on an offline tournament screen when the lake doesn’t allow boats
  • Fixed progress bar behaviour when reaching a new level
  • Fixed fish model size to not be cut in the display area
  • Fixed glow on salmon species
  • Updated head and body size of all salmon trophy fish
  • Fixed issue where rods would stand up when on a peg in Grand Union Canal
  • Main Menu UI tweaks
  • Other minor fixes
Fishing Sim World
Mastery Update for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour Out Now!