Fishing Sim World: Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass

Our theme at Fishing Sim World this week is the species of fish you will find in our US venues and the two most famous are the largemouth and smallmouth bass! So in this article, we look at the two most common types of bass and what differentiates them.


The largemouth bass is a freshwater gamefish and a species of the black bass native to North America. It is an olive-green fish marked by a series of dark markings forming a horizontal stripe along each flank. The largemouth is the largest of the black basses, reaching a maximum recorded overall length of 75cm and a maximum unofficial weight of 25lbs 1oz. The fish live for 16 years on average.

Largemouth bass are predators and consume smaller fish such as shad and shiners as well as crayfish, frogs, snakes and even small water birds and mammals. Prey can be as large as 50% of the bass’s body length or larger!


The smallmouth bass is also a member of the black bass family and found across the temperate zones of North America. The maximum recorded size is approximately 68cm and 12lbs in weight. The smallmouth bass is native to the upper and middle Mississippi River basin, the Saint Lawrence River – Great Lakes system and up into the Hudson Bay basin.

The smallmouth is generally more brown in colour sometimes appearing as black or green with vertical bands rather than horizontal along their side. Smallmouth bass prefer cooler water and as such are only found in Lake Boulder in Fishing Sim World (Upstate New York) whereas the largemouth bass is found in both Lake Boulder and Lake Johnson (Florida).


Both species are known for the excitement of their fight once hooked and you will be in for an explosive battle if you are lucky enough to hook into one in game. Many people feel that smallmouth bass fight even harder than the largemouth and fight at the surface of the water almost from the start. Using the large selection of lures in game, will see you targeting the bass and particularly if the weather is hot, look for big patches of weed or lilies and other shallow water cover to find the large specimens. With such a large variety of lures to choose from in game, try different areas of the lakes and try choosing lures for different depths of the water to land the most famous and sought after freshwater game fish in North America.



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