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January Angler of the Month

The January season of the Dovetail Fishing League has now ended and with the scoring completed we can reveal the winners of Angler of the Month on each platform.
Below you will find the winner for Angler of the Month on each platform as well as the winners for each series.

Xbox One

  • Big Bass Tour - UnbilledIvy5646
  • Carp Championship - bobcin3
  • Match Series - H1TMAN 5NAP
  • Predator Challenge - H1TMAN 5NAP
Angler of the Month - H1TMAN 5NAP

PlayStation 4

  • Big Bass Tour - PhillyBass-1965
  • Carp Championship - TokerKato
  • Match Series - AV_HappyTek
  • Predator Challenge - AV_HappyTek
Angler of the Month - AV_HappyTek


  • Big Bass Tour - UndeadFrog
  • Carp Championship - MR.O COMPUTER
  • Match Series - hernanslt
  • Predator Challenge - UndeadFrog
Angler of the Month - UndeadFrog
Congratulations to the series and season winners and good luck to everyone in the February Dovetail Fishing League season.
The events for this week are as follows:
  • Big Bass Tour - Lake Johnson, sunrise
  • Carp Championship - Waldsee, afternoon
  • Predator Challenge - Manor Farm, morning
  • Match Series - Bergsee, night
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4 Feb
January Angler of the Month
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