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What is Dovetail Live Mastery?

With our Mastery Update for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour we have introduced a new way for you to play and earn rewards in game and view your personal stats to see how you fish and catch.
Each lake has its own set of challenges divided into three tiers. Complete a tier of challenges and you will receive an in-game clothing reward and unlock the next tier. For example, complete tier 1 on Gigantica which features tasks such as ‘Little Fish In A Big Pond’ - catch 5 of any combination of Rudd, Tench or Roach, and be rewarded with an exclusive camo cap.
To be able to complete the challenges you will need to be logged in to Dovetail Live in-game. You can keep up with your mastery progress through your mastery and stats pages on Dovetail Live.
If you notice that progress isn't being tracked towards your Mastery challenges try logging out of Dovetail Live and then back in when you next start the game. To log out, go to the options menu in game and press the appropriate button to log out of Dovetail Live or re-enable the Dovetail Live log in.
In addition to the mastery system in the game, we have also created a stats page for your personal profile that will show how many fish you have caught, what your favourite venue is, what your favourite equipment is and much more. With these stats you can see how you are performing and which species or venue you want to be targeting in future sessions.
Get out on the lakes and start completing those challenges. Make sure to send us screenshots of your characters wearing mastery reward clothing.
Fishing Sim World
What is Dovetail Live Mastery?