Fishing Sim World

Festive Update Out Now

Our festive update for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour is now available. With this update we have introduced turn resistance that allows the player to influence the direction that the fish is swimming leading to reduced fish fight times.
When completing the Dovetail Live Mastery challenges you will now be able to keep track of your progress in game. Head into the Dovetail Live menu and you get the option to look at your Mastery Challenges or check out the latest news.
In your Customise menu you can now filter your items when creating a tackle box to make finding specific items easier.
Alongside this update we have our Festive Mastery challenges in which you can unlock a set of reindeer antlers with a glowing nose. Anyone that missed out on last year’s Christmas clothing will also receive the Santa hat and t-shirt. There is also a new community challenge in which the community can unlock wintery themed beanie hats. Catch a fish while logged in to Dovetail Live while the challenge is running and once it is completed you will be eligible to unlock the rewards.
Full patch notes:
  • Introduced turn resistance to fish behaviour to be able to influence the fish swimming direction
  • Added Mastery to Dovetail Live menu in the main menu
  • Filtering added for items in tackle boxes
  • Fixed Talon Fishery trophy fish textures in Angler’s Log
  • Mekong catfish catch shot now presented in the water
  • Fixed an issue where sounds can start looping
  • Made adjustments to the depth black crappie, white crappie and bluegill swim at
  • Added scrolling of Dovetail Live articles with D-Pad and Keyboard
  • Updated rules for final Lake Miller offline tournament to correctly count bass
  • Made more items available for use with spod rod
  • Fixed water jittering on Lake Miller
  • (PC) Advanced screen settings added in settings menu
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
Fishing Sim World
Festive Update Out Now