Fishing Sim World

The Bass Jumping Update is out now

The next update for Fishing Sim World is now available and will download automatically the next time you launch the game on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. This is another significant update with many highlights that include improved bass fighting including the bass now jumping out of the water as well as equipment from three new licensed partners! Full notes are as follows;
  • Improved bass fighting including bass jumping out of the water and striking lures on the surface of the water
  • The One Knocker lure from Booyah Baits in 7 different colour patterns
  • The Dinger from Yum Baits in 5 different colour patterns
  • The Envy fishing rod from 13Fishing available as both spinning or baitcaster
  • The Concept A3 baitcasting reel from 13Fishing
  • The Concept Z baitcasting reel from 13Fishing
  • The default spod bait is now a combination of mixed particles and there is an option to include boilies in this mix
  • Added Duckett, Missile and Bill Lewis wraps available to the Bass Cat Puma boat
  • Improved lighting for different times of day and weather conditions
  • Added ripples on the water for Gigantica Road Lake
  • Fixed store images for Korda SUBbraid in 20lbs and 15lbs
  • Ensured the White Crappie trophy weight is correct and registers in the trophy catches section
  • Ensured ‘AI’ competitors score more varied scores in single player bass tournaments
  • A number of localisation fixes and audio improvements
Fishing Sim World
The Bass Jumping Update is out now