Euro Fishing: Clint Walker - RAD pod review

I’ve had my RAD Angling 3 rod pod system for around 18 months now, and it’s still my ‘go to’ tool for much of my UK fishing. I like the idea of buying a ‘system’ which I can break down and use in its component parts, rather than having to buy additional bits which bump up the price, and result in more to carry, and the RAD Angling pod system does everything I want it to do…

Constructed of 15mm diameter carbon, and with hard anodised machined fittings, and an attractive 3k carbon weave, it’s certainly appealing to the image conscious ‘carp tarts’ amongst us, and let’s face it, we all like our kit to look good on the bank, so this fits the bill admirably! Each system is supplied with the pod base, the very heart of the system, a set of four carbon banksticks, a pair of adjustable 3 rod buzzbars, and a natty Cotswold Aquarius bag to keep things tidy, and all in, weighs less than 3lbs, so isn’t onerous to carry, or to pack up, as it folds down quickly, and each part has its own space within the bag to keep it safe.


So, what makes it different to all the rest? Within the pod system, removable grubscrews can be sited anywhere along the buzzbars. This gives the option to move the grubscrew, and fish a ‘single stick’ set up, you can even dispense with the pod base and fish a ‘goalpost’ array, just use a single bankstick and alarm for that ‘sleeper’ rod, or fish as usual with a full pod; it does the lot, all in one bag! You can buy individual spares too, and you can add to the ‘system’ with new or additional products to give even more flexibility, so it is ‘future proof’ should you need to adapt to a new venue, or a new tactic…

The pod is fully adjustable; a 10mm internal solid extension in each bankstick almost doubles the length of each, allowing the user to fish uneven banks, to fish ‘tips up’, or account for varying peg levels. The buzzbars adjust too, which means that the pod will accommodate all but the very biggest reels on the UK market, and the base can be positioned at any level on the bankstick to provide a rock solid platform from which to fish, so if you like your rod support low to the ground, it works, but if you need a bit of ground clearance, perhaps to help guard against rain ‘splashback’, then it does that too! Get one!


The web pages for RAD Angling offer a list of stockist locations, but if you can’t get to your local store, then an online shop is also available.

rrp £249.99

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