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City Transport Simulator: Tram – Coming to Early Access!

Greetings tram drivers old and new, we’re so excited to announce that City Transport Simulator: Tram will be entering into Early Access on 20th June 2024.
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About City Transport Simulator: Tram
Assume the role of a tram driver as you transport your passengers to their destinations all around the city of Tramau. Get set up in one of three true-to-life real-world trams, each with their own unique cabs, interiors, modes, and functions. Familiarise yourself with your favourite tram and start picking up and dropping off your passengers while sticking to the timetable.
The city’s tram network has seen better days, so it’s up to you to manage Tramau’s entire tram operation! Start with limited resources and a single tram as you gradually expand your small tram operation into a city-spanning customisable tram network. Add more trams to your fleet, customise and edit your own timetables, and position your own tramlines to link up your stations however you see fit!
Welcome to Tramau
Tramau is inspired by real-world cities found in southern Germany. We’ve worked hard to build Tramau to be as authentic as possible, producing a rich and storied history and unique points of interest, including a Baroque-style cathedral, a 14th century University, and a botanical garden constructed in the 18th century. We didn’t want you to be limited creatively by a real city when building out custom tramlines and stations, but rather, to truly make Tramau your own.
Why Early Access
We chose to go with Early Access, because we believe that, with your input, we can create the best gaming experience, as it provides us the opportunity to develop City Transport Simulator: Tram hand-in-hand with our community.
This approach allows us to integrate real player feedback, ensuring that we create the most immersive and engaging tram simulation experience possible. Our team values player insights, and we believe this collaborative process will greatly enhance the game's quality and playability.
Get in Touch & Keep Updated
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Thank you for your continued support as we embark on this exciting journey together. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!
City Transport Simulator
28 May
City Transport Simulator: Tram – Coming to Early Access!