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Catanians, can you believe it’s been three months since our first Roadmap and we are already back for, what number comes after one again? Oh yeah, Roadmap two!
If you missed the first Roadmap back in April, you can catch up on that by reading the article or watching the video here.
The purpose of the Roadmap is to keep you up to date and discuss all things the future of the game. It’s broken into three chapters.
  • Next Turn: Content we expect to release in the next 3 months.
  • On the Horizon: Content we’re actively developing and will likely come 3-6 months from now
  • Longest Road: Content that’s in the planning or early stages of development that will likely be coming 6 months plus from now.
Everything we are about to discuss is subject to change and may end up coming later (or, sometimes earlier!) than expected. This should be a fun one as we are minutes away from talking about our first BIG expansion for CATAN - Console Edition, so without further ado, let’s roll on into it.

The Lowdown

Ever heard that expression, TD;LR? It means ‘too long; didn’t read’. I relate to that. This picture ↓ gives you an overview of what’s to come. Want more information? Keep scrolling!

Next Turn

Next turn is content we expect to release in the next 3 months.
The Helpers & Season Pass
A few days ago we announced the release date for our first expansion, CATAN – Console Edition: The Helpers which is coming to Xbox & PlayStation on July 20th. Alongside that we also announced a Season Pass which will be released the same day, July 20th.
The Helpers expansion adds an additional layer of strategy (and fun) to the base game of CATAN by introducing 12 characters known as Helpers. Each Helper brings their own special skills to give players a tactical advantage. The rules and conditions of victory remain the same as it was in the base game, but the way to get there is just a bit more... Interesting. It probably goes without saying but just to be sure, you’ll need to make sure you own the base CATAN: Console Edition game to make use of this expansion.
The Helpers will be available to purchase standalone, or you can access The Helpers, plus LOTS more, by grabbing the all-new Season Pass.
“What is the season pass” I hear you calling.
The Season Pass is a way for you to gain instant access to a host of new content coming to CATAN – Console Edition, for one upfront, discounted cost. When purchasing the Season Pass, you’ll instantly get access to The Helpers, plus three seasonal cosmetic packs and our first BIG expansion (more on that below).
The three seasonal content packs are:
  • Reap & Sow: Fall Content Pack
  • Ice & Snow: Winter Content Pack
  • Bloom & Grow: Spring Content Pack
All of these content packs will include various visual changes to the board, new dice skins, hex frames, new playable characters, a special robber and more! To round off the Season Pass you will also get automatic access to our first BIG expansion for CATAN – Console Edition, which will be… Cities & Knights!
For more information on The Helpers and the Season Pass check out the article here
Reap & Sow: Fall Content Pack (Season Pass)
The first of the Season Pass content packs, Reap & Sow. Expect the joys of fall (Autumn if you aren’t in America) and the spookiest of seasons with Halloween-inspired content. We’ll provide loads of details on exactly what to expect from this, the first of our seasonal content packs in the coming months.

On The Horizon

On the Horizon is content we’re actively developing and will likely come 3-6 months from now
Nintendo Switch
In our previous Roadmap we announced that CATAN – Console Edition is coming to the Nintendo Switch and if you are only now finding that out then, woo. Exciting!
Development of the Nintendo Switch version of CATAN – Console Edition is going very well, and we can’t wait to welcome all of you Switch players to the Island. It’s a little early to show off how it looks and plays right now, but it’s playable and we’re working through optimizing for the console. Keep an eye on our social channels for updates. What we can tell you is that the Switch version of CATAN – Console Edition will also be cross-platform and you will be able to play with your friends and family on Xbox and PlayStation.
Ice & Snow: Content Pack (Season Pass)
The Ice & Snow content pack will be with Season Pass owners around the most magical time of the year. Details of what exactly will be included will be revealed closer to the time, pack a coat though as it’s going to get a bit nippy.
5-6 Player Extension
In the last Roadmap, the 5-6 player extension was in “Next Turn”, we have had to move this back to give the team more time. The 5-6 player extension will be a free update that expands the island of CATAN with an additional 11 terrain hexes, fundamentally the core mechanics of the game remain the same with the key difference being that there are always 2 players participating in a turn (after another). It’s also compatible with the core game of CATAN, Helpers of CATAN and Cities & Knights!

Longest Road

Longest Road: Content that’s in the early stages of development that will likely be coming 6 months plus from now.
Bloom & Grow: Spring Content Pack (Season Pass)
The third and final content pack will be with us in the new year as the ground begins to thaw and nature springs back to life! We’ll have more details on what will be included in the spring content pack in the future.
Cities & Knights
The barbarians are on the way but thankfully, we’ve got knights. Cities & Knights is coming to CATAN – Console Edition! We’ve been listening closely to you, our resident Catanians on what you’d like to see us bring to the game, and Cities & Knights is consistently mentioned, so we’re making it.
For those of you who are perhaps new to Cities & Knights, Barbarians are heading for CATAN and you need to prepare your defences by building Knights, the better prepared you are the more likely you’ll avoid being targeted by the barbarian army. To activate your Knights, you’ll need plenty of grain so ensuring a good supply of grain in your early game is going to be important!
Cities & Knights provides a drastically new way to experience CATAN, most people say it’s like playing an entirely different game, where working as a team to defend Catan while also playing your own game to win becomes a delicate balancing act! We’ll reveal loads more details on Cities & Knights in the months to come.
To finish up we want to take a second to talk about a few quality-of-life improvements we are currently focusing on, starting with:
“Disconnected by server logic” - We’ve seen your comments and messages around this error message which occurs when trying to join an online game and the team is investigating.
Second Screen - We are aware these are still issues with Second Screen and we are working toward a solution.
Xbox Controllers - We are investigating issues affecting Xbox controllers and we’ll provide more details on this when we can.
There will also be some changes and improvements coming in the patch that's brining The Helpers content to the game, we'll provide more details on this in the article on July 20th.
That’s a wrap folks, we hope you’re as excited about the future of CATAN – Console Edition as we are. If you aren’t already follow us across our social at @DTGBoardgames to stay up to date with all things CATAN – Console Edition. For now though, see you down the road, Catanians.
CATAN - Console Edition