CATAN - Console Edition

CATAN – Console Edition Releasing February 28th!

Future Catanians, welcome, and thank you for joining me, Captain Beard on this exciting day. Today we are FINALLY revealing when you can all join us and start playing CATAN® – Console Edition on PlayStation & Xbox consoles. We suggest you start packing your bags now (remember to bring sunscreen, it’s hot here 365 days a year) because it’s coming sooner than maybe you were expecting.
Check out the video below to get all the juicy details, or if for some reason you hate videos, scroll down a little bit and all will be revealed.
That’s right crew, CATAN – Console Edition will be available to play on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & X/S on February 28th, 2023. I don’t know about you, but I measure time in sleeps, which makes it… 31 sleeps to go (if you happen to be reading this on January 27th).
Now you may be thinking “woo, awesome, I’m so excited… when can I pre-order!?” and to that, we say, Friday 3rd of February. That was easy huh? If you do fancy pre-ordering you’ll get some extra special goodies too, but I’ll go more into that later. For now though, if you just want to do something with all this excitement you can Wishlist CATAN – Console Edition now using these very handy links.
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Wishlist Now, Pre-order from Feb 3rd!

So, for those of you who like to read stuff, let’s dive into what we saw in our first CATAN – Console Edition: The "Longest Road" to Launch. Our very awesome Producer, Nat, talks about all the small details that have gone into creating a board game that feels truly alive. There are people going about their business (but more importantly, sheep), miners mining ore, farmers shepherding in the fields, and there’s even a little dog running around, I call it Dave.
But there’s more. Details that seem small like smoke coming from the chimneys of Cities, garlands that shows who has the Longest Road, and animations that happen when you’re placing roads, settlements, and cities all contribute to creating the feeling of a board game that feels distinctly alive.
There’s more than one way to skin a Cat-an and by that we mean there’s different ways to play CATAN – Console Edition, starting with Quick Play. Quick Play is a straight into the action, single player experience against three AI players. Your initial Settlements and Roads are pre-determined, and the game always takes place on the default board layout.
Variable Setup is where things start to get spicy, here you can either play on a randomised board layout or pick to play with one of the five Championship Maps (These maps are available as part of the Deluxe Edition, but more about that later).
Variable Setup is also where you’d go if you want to play with your friends or family on the couch together in real life! Up to four people can play together or, if there’s just the two of you, you can play against one or two AI players. Playing this way gives you a more traditional experience of CATAN where all players will decide where to place your initial Settlements and Roads.
If you’re thinking to yourself, “but hang on though, my annoying sister will be able to see my resources”, fear not, we’ve thought about that too. Scan a nifty QR code with your mobile device of choice and as if by magic your resources will be neatly displayed in the privacy of your pocket-sized device.
The last thing you can do while you're in the Variable Setup screen is to style yourself out with a variety of custom Dice skins and Hex frames that you can show off in both single and multiplayer (Some of these are available exclusively with the Deluxe version of CATAN – Console Edition), you can also unlock extra cosmetic items and, a new Character, Harbour Master by playing the game and completing challenges.
Then there’s Online Multiplayer, let’s address the proverbial elephant in the room, I’ve never seen an elephant before, so this must be exciting news, right? Yes, CATAN – Console Edition does support Crossplay. You can either set up your own multiplayer game and invite friends from both PlayStation and Xbox devices, or simply queue and join a game with your fellow Catanians.
CATAN - Console Edition, developed with our pals at Nomad Games will be released for PlayStation and Xbox consoles February 28th. You will be able to pre-order from Friday, February 3rd! So, let’s take a look at what the differences are between the Standard and Deluxe versions of the game.
Oh - and regardless of which version you pre-order, you’ll benefit from Early Access to the game five whole days before general release, meaning you’ll be moved in and playing CATAN - Console Edition from February 23rd while everyone else is still waiting for their ferry to the island, looking like chumps.
CATAN – Console Edition: Deluxe includes everything included with the Standard edition of the game PLUS a custom Dice Skin and Hex Frame, five CATAN World Championship board layouts taken from five previous CATAN World Championship events (These maps are playable in both single and multiplayer modes).
Finally, when pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition you get a 10% discount!
“Captain Beard, I've really enjoyed reading this excellent article, but how much does it cost?”
I’m not familiar with your strange metal coins and invisible electric money, but I’ve been informed by my friends at Dovetail Games that it costs this much:
  • CATAN – Console Edition = £16.99*/$19.99/€19.99
  • CATAN – Console Edition: Deluxe = £19.99/$24.99/€24.99
*Xbox price. PlayStation version = £15.99
That’s all she wrote, Catanians. We can’t wait to welcome you all to the amazing island of Catan, everyone who steps off the boat gets one free hug from me, Captain Beard. We will have pre-order news and lot’s more to share as we get closer to you all arriving so make sure, if you aren’t already, that you are following us on our social channels!
See you down the road, Catanians.
CATAN - Console Edition
CATAN – Console Edition Releasing February 28th!