CATAN - Console Edition


Today we have released a game update bringing, among other things a Turn Timer to CATAN – Console Edition. Check out all the changes below.


  • Turn Timer added (lots more details on this can be found below)
  • Brightness controls have been added to the settings menu
  • Number Tokens will now always be orientated correctly
  • Second Screen will show the correct players resources
  • Improvements made to ensure Second Screen information remains up-to-date throughout a game
  • The Second Screen URL is no longer obscured by the “Start” button while configuring a local game
  • Player colour will now update in Second Screen when a player changes their colour in the game set up screen
  • When 2 players’ dice rolls are tied at the beginning of a game, a re-roll will happen to define the correct order of play

Turn Timer

The addition of the Turn Timer affects gameplay in various ways. Here are the key things to know.
  • The Turn Timer will always be on in Online Public Games
  • The default Turn limit is 80 seconds
  • 3 Strike System – If a player fails to complete their turn within the allotted time the player will receive a warning, after the 3rd strike, the player will be removed from the game and replaced by an AI Player
  • In Local Games/Private Online Games you can choose to have no turn timer or you can choose between turn limits of 40 seconds, 80 seconds, 120 seconds, and 160 seconds.
Join Queue (Public Online Games)
When you join the online queue to play against your fellow Catanians online the turn timer will be on as default, there are no options to amend or turn off the turn timer in this mode.
Every player has 80 seconds to complete their turn, if you fail to end your turn within the allotted time, you will receive a strike. Get 3 of them and you’re outa there, and will be replaced by an AI player. It’s therefore more important than ever that you keep track of how long you have left on your turn to avoid receiving any strikes.
Trading. On your turn, the turn timer pauses when proposing a trade to your fellow players, all other players have 30 seconds to respond to your trade. If a player fails to respond, the trade will automatically decline.
7’s. If the robber is rolled and 1 or more players are currently holding 7 or more cards, these players will have 30 seconds to dispose of the necessary amount of cards, if a player fails to discard cards within the allotted time, the relevant number of cards will be removed at random. This will not come out of your turn time.
Local Games & Online Private Games
With Private Online games we have provided more options for you to play with. You can choose to play with no turn timer, or you can turn it on and choose between turn timer limits of 40 seconds, 80 seconds, 120 seconds, and 160 seconds. The key difference is there are no “strikes”. If a player’s time runs out, it will instantly move on to the next player. You can however still be kicked for inactivity if a player is idle for 6 minutes. Turn Timer functionality is not available in offline, local games.
Your Feedback
We always keep a close eye on all your feedback. This space is used to provide you with updates on what we are working on and looking at for future updates based on your feedback.
Feedback: “Some kind of time limit per turn would really help”
Status:  added in this update – this will be removed in the following patch notes. 
Feedback: “Can we have some way to control the brightness and contrast”
Status:  added in this update – this will be removed in the following patch notes. 
Feedback: “I’m having issues with my Xbox controller”
Status: This is being investigated.
Feedback: “Can we have some kind of audio notification when it’s my turn?”
Status: This is being investigated.
Feedback: “Why can’t I play 3 player games when creating a custom online game?”
Status: This is being investigated.
Feedback from you is vital and very much appreciated. If you are experiencing a problem, please contact our Support Team. If you’d like to share feedback with us and talk with your fellow Catanians you can do so on our Forums or Discord.
That wraps up this update, thank you again for your feedback and we’ll catch you down the road, Catanians!
CATAN - Console Edition