CATAN - Console Edition

CATAN - Console Edition: Patch Notes MAR.10.2023

We have released our second game update for all platforms. If you missed the previous update, read the full patch notes here. This is a smaller update, but an important one as it addresses a key area of feedback, we’ve seen from the community: “Why can’t I place my first Settlements and Roads?”


  • When configuring a game either Locally or Online, players will now have total control over initial Settlement and Road placements regardless of if Variable Setup is toggled on or off. The only time Settlements and Roads will be placed for you is during a Quick Play game.
  • All email address formats are now able to sign in to Dovetail Live.
  • Functionality will no longer be lost while configuring Online Multiplayer games.
  • In game tutorial videos now include French and German subtitles.
  • At the start of games boats will not clip through each other as they sail into the island.

Your Feedback

Since the launch of CATAN – Console Edition we’ve been keeping a close eye on all your feedback. We will use this space to provide you with updates on what we are working on for future updates based on that feedback.
Feedback: “Why can’t I place my first Settlements and Roads?”
Status:  Improvements have been implemented into this update. 
Feedback: “Some kind of time limit per turn would really help”
Status: We’ve heard your feedback and timer functionality will be included in a future update.
Feedback: “Can we have some kind of audio notification when it’s my turn?”
Status: This is being investigated.
Feedback: “Why can’t I play 3 player games when creating a custom online game?”
Status: This is being investigated.
Finally, we are aware that some Xbox players are experiencing issues with their controllers. You can find advice and guidance on these issues via our support pages here or via the in-game news page.
Feedback from you is vital and very much appreciated. If you are experiencing a problem, please contact our Support Team. If you’d like to share feedback with us and talk with your fellow Catanians you can do so on our Forums or Discord.
That wraps up this update, thank you again for your feedback and we’ll catch you down the road, Catanians!
CATAN - Console Edition
CATAN - Console Edition: Patch Notes MAR.10.2023