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Land a Big Basin Bass on 07.04.22 – Bassmaster® Fishing 2022

2 Iconic Venues, 1 Great Pack

It’s nearly time to explore & fish new waters in the Bass Lake Bundle! From the borders of Florida and Georgia to Chatham County, North Carolina, you can jump into the Bass Lake Bundle on 07.04.22 and fish on two new iconic venues – Lake Seminole & Jordan Lake. The Bass Lake Bundle will also come with a 20% launch discount on Steam until April 14th, so act fast to pick up this great offer.

Bass Lake Bundle Key Features Include:

  • 2 New Venues – Lake Seminole & Jordan Lake
  • Lake Seminole & Jordan Lake Career Mode Tournaments
  • Unique Mastery Challenges for each venue with venue specific clothing to unlock
  • Combined total of 14 Fish Species to land
  • 20 Named Legendary Fish to hunt and catch
  • The all-new Dynamic Time of Day System


  • £14.99/ €17.99/$19.99
  • 20% launch discount on Steam & PlayStation until April 14th

Lake Seminole

Located on the border between Florida and Georgia is the beautiful Lake Seminole. Fed by the Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers, this reservoir is named after the Native American tribes indigenous to the Florida region.
Whether you’re looking to fish the small creeks around the islands that pepper this long stretch of water, or if you want to fish around points of interests like the in-game Lake Seminole Dam, this venue has something for everyone!
This authentic venue gives anglers the most thrilling bass fishing experience. The underwater action is just as busy with underwater foliage, structure, points of interest and more that can be found when fishing these amazing waters.

Jordan Lake

Situated in Chatham County, North Carolina, Jordan Lake was created as part of a flood control program when the Haw River was dammed. Whilst largemouth bass dominate the attention of anglers the lake is home to a mixed variety of fish species including crappie, catfish, white bass, spotted and stripers.
Jordan Lake will give anglers plenty to find and fish. From the small beach covered coves to long stretches of open water surrounded by small mountain tips in the distance, this is truly a fantastic venue to relax, fish and explore.
Find hotspots using your underwater camera and learn where you’ll have the most success on Jordan Lake. With so much variety in fish, locations, environments and points of interest, Jordan Lake will give you plenty of bass to land!
The Bass Lake Bundle has been hand crafted to accurately match water depths, foliage, surrounding environments and fish species. With the in-games Fish AI System & Dynamic Time of Day, you can expect to have the true experience of fishing these huge bodies of water.

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Bassmaster Fishing 2022
Land a Big Basin Bass on 07.04.22 – Bassmaster® Fishing 2022