Bassmaster Fishing 2022


Hi there Anglers,
We are back with our second update of the year and along with lots of improvements and fixes.
We are also happy to say that this update also includes the addition of beards and, the option to change the colour of both your hair and your beard! We can’t wait to see some strong looks out there on the water.
Let's get into it!
  • Mastery – We are trialing a possible fix for Mastery Challenges not tracking or completing. We recommend all players to log out of Dovetail Live via the settings menu, re-launch the game and log back in. if you continue to experience any issues with Mastery, please let us know HERE.
  • Fish – When fishing in areas where the water is 60+ feet deep fish are now able to see lures from a greater distance and will now more actively pursue lures that are within their line of sight.
  • Fish - We have improved the fish behavior to prevent very large groups of fish from congregating at specific POI’s, you will still likely find fish at these POI’s but fish will now be more active throughout the session and will move around venues.
  • BEARDS – A selection of beards are now available for players to use in game
  • Hair – You are now able to change the colour of your angler’s hair and beard
  • Audio – Improvements to audio when fish leap or break the surface of the water during fish fights
  • Menu – An issue causing the game to crash when navigating to the boat selection screen has now been resolved
  • Dovetail Live – An issue causing some players to be unable to log into Dovetail Live has been resolved
  • Loadouts – An issue preventing players from being able to make changes/create new loadouts while fishing on a venue has been resolved
  • Lures – An issue that was causing Top Water lures to not be able to catch fish has been resolved
  • UI – An issue that was causing players to have a loss of their UI after catching a fish has been resolved
  • Language – Japanese language is now supported, to access change your consoles language to Japanese
Note: After releasing this update, we have discovered an issue affecting Bassmaster Royale, so we have disabled the servers whilst we investigate. It is likely that we will be putting through a hotfix to resolve this issue and we will let you know via our social channels, and updated here, when we have information to share.
  • Loadouts – Added the ability to purchase more than 1 of a lure at once
  • Multiplayer – Resolved an issue where some players were experiencing crashes when in when the inactive timer ends and the player’s controller is disconnected or has run out of battery. This issue has been primarily affecting Play Station 5
  • Multiplayer – Added additional spawn points on Online Public servers to prevent players from spawning on top of each other
  • Bassmaster Royale – Resolved an issue where If a player is culled from the game at the exact moment that player has caught a qualifying species of fish their score is incorrectly counted and is able to win the game despite being culled
  • Character – Resolved an issue that was causing the game to crash whe scrolling through customisation options
  • Character – Resolved an issue that was causing lens colour on sunglasses to revert to default when restarting the game
  • Character – Improved the animation of characters when in the character creation screen
  • Character – Resolved an issue causing the camera to zoom into the player’s feet when customizing a character
  • Character – Improvements have been made to the textures on clothing when creating a character
  • Character – An issue causing sunglasses to have no textures when in the character customization has been resolved
  • Tutorial – Resolved an issue causing players to be unable to “skip” when in the inventory screen
  • Gameplay – Resolved an issue that was causing the incorrect time to display when loading into a single-player fishing trip.
  • Gameplay – Improvements have been made to night-time lighting and reflections caused by moonlight
  • Gameplay – Removed a misplaced asset from Lake Hamilton
  • Gameplay – Improvements made to prevent some foliage from appearing warped on Sabine River
  • Gameplay – Foliage no longer appears above the surface of the water, and this has also resolved the issue of foliage rendering in and out
  • Gameplay – Scott Martin no longer appears twice on the St Lawrence River, College Series Pro Challenge
  • Gameplay – Resolved an issue causing the Rat L Trap to float in mid-air before casting
  • Gameplay – We have amended the speed at which the AI names scroll during career events and this has prevented the name from appearing blurry
  • Menu - When the player navigates to Player Stats in the menu the character is now facing the correct way
  • UI – Resolved an issue on Xbox consoles where when playing Bassmaster Fishing 2022 the activity monitor says at the home menu
  • UI – When loading the game “Deluxe Edition” owners now have their own screen in Deluxe Edition colours
  • UI – Added a screen that pops up for new owners of the Deluxe Edition detailing the additional content they have received
  • Localisation – Various improvements made to translations
There are also various other fixes and changes behind the scenes not listed above.
Thank you to everyone who is playing and enjoying the game, as well as providing us with continued feedback, we are listening. We hope that we can continue to improve Bassmaster Fishing 2022 and we’ll keep you updated with our progress throughout the year.
Tight Lines!
Bassmaster Fishing 2022