CATAN - Console Edition on Nintendo Switch OUT NOW!
Set sale to the Isle of CATAN on the Nintendo Switch Come on in Nintendo Switch-havers, pull up a chair and make yourselves at home. We’ve got sheep, we’ve got bricks, we’ve got mountains full of ore; but keep your valuables on your person because we’ve also got a shifty-looking Robber. We try to get rid of him, but he keeps coming back. That’s right, the wait is over, and we’re super stoked to announce that you can play the awesome CATAN – Console Edition on your Nintendo Switch RIGHT NOW! You can grab your copy of CATAN - Console Edition right now from the eShop on your console! For those of you in the US, you can also get a hold of your copy via the website here: CATAN - Console Edition [] Pricing * CATAN – Console Edition: Super Deluxe (£24.99/$29.99/€29.99) * CATAN – Console Edition: Deluxe (£19.99/$24.99/€24.99) * CATAN – Console Edition: Standard (£16.99/$19.99/€19.99) * CATAN – Console Edition: The Helpers (£6.99/$9.99/€8.99) But for those who don’t know their Victory Points from their Largest Armies, what is it about CATAN that’s so endearing? How has it managed to stand the test of time and capture the imaginations of millions of players all over the world? The CATAN Experience The original boardgame version of CATAN has had pride of place amongst people’s boardgame collections for the past 30 years, owed to just how accessible the game is to everyone, young and old. It’s easy to learn, and while there is skill involved, a surprising amount comes down to luck and making choices, as well as adapting to the choices of your opponents. Because the game has a customisable layout, and grabs hold of your attention, it makes it infinitely replayable. And honestly, 30 years ago, there was just nothing like it. It’s no surprise then that CATAN is popular with strategy enthusiasts and families alike. We’ve faithfully reproduced this fantastic and timeless game into the console version you see today. You can Trade, Build, and Settle on the board that truly comes to life. It’s populated with characters farming and mining resources, sheep roaming around their hexes and the Robber waiting for their moment to move. Ships occupy the surrounding harbours and Settlements and Cities appear as players continue to build and trade with one another. Success comes with earning Victory Points, which can be gained in various ways including building the ‘Longest Road’ or amassing the ‘Largest Army’. Building Cities and Settlements also earn Victory Points, as well as through the tactical use of Development Cards. We’ve also added in something a little bit extra that can enhance your games of CATAN in the form of a Card Companion on your smartphone. Get the crew together and pile around one TV and check your resources without letting your screen-peeking Uncle Dave see all that precious wood you’ve hoarded. The Switch Advantage CATAN – Console Edition’s release on Switch is a big deal – it now means the game is available on every current and last gen console. What’s more, you can be the envy of your static-console-having mates as you pick up your Switch and have a sneaky game of CATAN while you do your morning commute, or while lying on a beach on the Seychelles. Learning the Ropes As we’ve mentioned, CATAN is super easy to learn and play which is why it has such a strong appeal. But everyone learns best in their own way, so we’ll help you out a bit. Check out this awesome curated resource we put together [] to help the newest of the new get to grips with CATAN. There are some Frequently Asked Questions there, game rules, and the instruction manual. You’ll find some tutorial videos in there too, just like these ones: Welcome to CATAN & Building Trading & Moving the Robber If you go those a once-over, then you’ll be well on your way to sigh... “Gitting Gud”. Solo Play & Multiplayer By yourself, with friends and family round the couch or online, CATAN – Console Edition has got you covered. Develop and perfect your strategies and adapt to eventualities against the dynamic AI who will keep you on your toes a bit. Or jump online and put your skills to the test and matchmake against Catanians from all over the word. We’ve also got that sweet Cross-play function which means you can fire up CATAN on your Nintendo Switch and go up against Big Jim on his Xbox Series S version while you wait for Medium Joe to hurry up and finish his dinner so he can play against you all on his PS5. Expanding Your CATAN World We’ve been working hard on bringing out expansions to the core game of CATAN – Console Edition. You can get your hands on The Helpers right now in fact, and we’ve got Cities & Knights coming a little ways off (check out our most recent roadmap [] for more info on this). Not only that, you can get a hold of the Super Deluxe version of CATAN which will give you The Helpers expansion (read more about that here [] ), five championship maps, AND the core game of CATAN all in a single offering. Noice! It's honestly such a good time and we really hope you enjoy yourselves with the new Nintendo Switch version of CATAN – Console Edition. Let us know how you get on with it and we’ll be happy to hear about how you schooled all your friends and family if you follow and comment on our social channels. If you wanted to engage with the community there and see if you can school them too, well, we won’t stop you. See you down the road, Catanians! []
7 months ago