Where to find trophy fish
In Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour each of our lakes has its own set of named trophy fish. We want you as a community to help each other in finding the boss fish on our US lakes. As the named trophies will only be found in specific areas you'll need to search the lakes to find them. When you catch a trophy fish. Let us know where and we will update this article with a location. Lake Guntersville Marshall - Largemouth bass - 17lb 7oz Area south of Polecat Hollow. Found by Mitchell McWhirter. Mardi - Spotted bass - 8lb 0oz Near Davidson Hollow. Hunley - Spotted bass - 8lb 2oz To the east of the eastern bridge on the lake. Payne - Channel catfish - 40lb 6oz Near Lindsay Hollow. Weevil - Black crappie - 4lb 6oz North of Lindsay Hollow. Cheaha - Largemouth bass - 17lb 2oz - North of the left road bridge in the middle of the lake. Found by Bigtimer J. Jackson - Smallmouth bass - 11lb 6oz East part of Davidson Hollow. Found by Magnificent_3000. Pearl - White crappie - 4lb 14oz South of Guntersville Harbour boat ramp. Scottsboro - Muskellunge - 19lb 15oz North and west of Lindsay Hollow. Sent in by scrambler2686. Lake Travis Frito - Smallmouth bass - 4lb 8oz In a section near the Colorado River end of the lake. Oscar - Channel catfish - 16lb 15oz Towards the north end of the lake. Claudette - Largemouth bass - 15lb 8oz Near the southern end of the lake. Wooly - Longnose gar - 20lb 3oz Towards the north end of the lake. Lone Star - Largemouth bass - 15lb 15oz Near Barrel Hollow. Houston - Spotted bass - 14lb 2oz East of Long Hollow. Caught by Mousaka_H. Cosmo - Rainbow Trout - 3lb 6oz North end of the lake. Maverick - Channel Catfish - 17lb 2oz Between Broad Hollow and Lime Creek. Caught by mdgplaysgames. Goliad - Smallmouth bass - 4lb 10oz Lime Creek. Lake Miller Bloomer - Smallmouth bass - 9lb 6oz Close to Mason Creek. Mr Green - Northern pike - 38lb 5oz East of Sunshine Shores. Madison - Largemouth bass - 12lb 4oz Around Badger Creek. Badger - Walleye - 18lb 6oz Near Miller Marina. MacArthur - Brown trout - 19lb 2oz North of Heafford Boat Ramp. O'Keeffee - Yellow Perch - 4lb 3oz Close to Wast Town Bay. Lake Boulder Skud - Smallmouth bass - 7lb 10oz In the Southern Wall area. Tempest - Chain pickerel - 6lb 8oz North of Southern Wall. Cavalier - Largemouth bass - 11lb 14oz South of Northern Face Boris - Brown trout - 22lb 60z In the South Shallows area. Porthos - Muskie - 73lb 5oz Just to the west of Darby Boat Ramp. Bluey - Bluegill - 2lb 10oz Not far from Tempest's location. Bofors - Largemouth Bass - 12lb 0oz Lily Bay. Lake Johnson Larry - Largemouth bass - 15lb 6oz Just off Marsh Point. Gator - Longnose gar - 30lb 1oz In the area around Baker's Bay. Trudy - Yellow perch - 1lb 7oz Around Lily Shores. Casey - Chain pickerel - 5lb 6oz Near the Casey's Cove boat ramp. Poseidon - Largemouth bass - 15lb 10oz South part of Baker's Bay Mockingbird - White crappie - 2lb 12oz North west of Magnus Island.
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What is Laguna Iquitos
Welcome to the jungle! Laguna Iquitos, the latest add-on lake for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour is available now. In the heart of Peru surrounded by the Amazonian rainforest lies Lagunas Iquitos. This remote lake is home to two new species of fish - the peacock bass and giant wolf fish. Alongside the two new species you will also find monster arapaima, redtail catfish and black pacu. Narrow channels, vegetation and shallows that a traditional boat couldn’t reach means that the ‘Haichou Explorer’ kayak that comes with this pack is vital for exploring the lake and tracking down some of the beastly trophy fish living within. The beautiful peacock bass fights harder than all other bass and can be found up to an incredible 23lbs. The terrifying looking wolf fish can grow up to 38lbs but with huge, razor sharp teeth, you will need strong gear. Catch Arapaima that grow up to a huge 450lbs, red tail catfish go to 120lbs and black pacu up to 70lbs. Laguna Iquitos also has 25 new trophy fish and 3 new career events for you to master. With 1,500 acres of lake to fish from the water or shoreline including narrow, twisting sections through to open expanses of water, you will need to utilise all of your skill, watercraft and equipment to discover everything this venue has to offer. Laguna Iquitos comes with its own set of Mastery challenges [https://live.dovetailgames.com/live/fishing-sim-world/profile/mastery] with clothing rewards suited towards the rainforest environment. Completing tier 1 of the challenges grants you a brand new design of hat with a bucket hat from our clothing partner, Wofte. Tier 2 awards a camo t-shirt and tier 3 gives you a pair of camo cargo pants and jeans. Xbox [https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/fishing-sim-world-pro-tour-laguna-iquitos/c04ht152vhr2?activetab=pivot:overviewtab] PlayStation 4 Europe is currently rolling out across Europe. Please allow up to 12 hours for it to start appearing. PlayStation 4 US [https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP3004-CUSA12494_00-FSWDLCLAGIQUITOS] Steam [https://store.steampowered.com/app/1136000/Fishing_Sim_World_Pro_Tour__Laguna_Iquitos] Dovetail Store [https://store.dovetailgames.com/ref/1136000]
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October Angler of the Month
The October season of the Dovetail Fishing League is now over and we have our winners for Angler of the Month and the series winners. We hope you enjoyed this month's tournaments and the variety in targeted species in the different tournaments. The winners are as follows: Xbox One Angler of the Month: bobcin3 Series winners Big Bass Tour: PhillyBass 1965 Carp Championship: bobcin3 Match Series: MOHAMMED CURAY Predator Challenge: bobcin3 PlayStation 4 Angler of the Month: TokerKato Series winners Big Bass Tour: TokerKato Carp Championship: SMOKEYMON-G-313 Match Series: TokerKato Predator Challenge: Dark_Nicc_2019 PC Angler of the Month: facadedavid Series winners Big Bass Tour: UndeadFrog Carp Championship: cambridgecableguy Match Series: MoN Predator Challenge: UndeadFrog Congratulations to all of the winners! Week 1 for November is now underway with the events this week being as follows: * Big Bass Tour - Lake Seminole, morning, dynamic weather * Carp Championship - Bergsee, night, dynamic weather * Match Series - Gigantica, afternoon, light clouds * Predator Challenge - Lake Williams, sunset, dynamic weather We will be continuing with the variations of the rules for the tournaments this month so look out for a gar only event on Lake Dylan, Catfish only on Gillhams and trout and salmon only on Lake Miller. There is not long left to get the halloween clothing items. Log in to Dovetail Live and complete the challenges before 5th November to unlock the "wolf" howling at the moon t-shirt and the pumpkin hat. Complete any fishing session and you will be awarded with the AFTCO clothing items that were added in the Full Moon Update.
3 months ago
Full Moon Update Out Now
The Full Moon Update for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour is out now. With this update comes new equipment, new clothing and new sponsors for Career Mode as well as a load of game improvements. From newly announced partner AFTCO we are adding 5 pieces of clothing with 4 t-shirts and a hoodie. Career sponsor Free Spirit Fishing are having two of their rods added to the game, the 13ft ‘Hi S’ Carp Rod and 10ft Bank Cat S Rod. As you may have seen on our social media pages, there are 4 new sponsor companies in Career Mode. The US Angling Confederation, BassBoat4Sale.com, Great Clips and The CARP Bible have all joined the Pro Tour. Between now and the 5th November you can get into the spooky Halloween spirit with special seasonal items. Log in to Dovetail Live and complete the Halloween Mastery [https://live.dovetailgames.com/live/fishing-sim-world/profile/mastery] challenges to be rewarded with a t-shirt featuring a “wolf” howling at the moon and a pumpkin head hat. In addition to the Halloween Mastery challenge you can unlock the brand new AFTCO clothing through Dovetail Live. Go fishing on a lake and at the end of your session you will be rewarded with the 4 new t-shirts and a hoodie. The full change list can be found below: * Clothing from AFTCO added * Two rods from Free Spirit added – the 13ft ‘Hi S’ Carp Rod and 10ft Pro Catfish Rod * New sponsors added to career mode * Seasonal clothing items added * Support for challenges and rewards for remaining lakes to be added to mastery * Improvements to how events are sent to mastery server * Improvements to multiplayer camera jitter * Fixed an issue where changing an item in the tackle box reset all three rods * Fixed the completed status when completing tier 3 of mastery * Improvements to AI scoring in career mode tournaments * Adjusted fish fights for various species * Fixed issue where options in lake settings are reset when coming back to this screen * Made it so that the location details for a given offline tournament shows the lake name, rather than the event name * Fixed the Lake Jordan image in Lake selection * Tweaked fish jumping behaviour * Fixed thumbnails for various lures in tackle box * Fixed issue where rods would stand up on a peg * Fixed silhouettes of various species and trophy fish in angler’s log * Increased cooldown on being able to catch the same fish twice * Fixed Grand Union trophy Pike appearing as same model when caught * Various UI improvements * Minor bug fixes and improvements
4 months ago
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