February Week 3 Tournaments
Welcome to week 3 of the February tournaments. We've passed the halfway point for February's season and the standings have started to take shape. Below we have a quick overview of the current standings for the 4 tours and the global leaderboards for each platform followed by the events for this week. Xbox One Big Bass Tour Week 2 winner: SSR Coug Season leader: PhillyBass 1965 Season 2nd place: SSR Coug Season 3rd place: WicksySPY442 Carp Championship Week 2 winner: l Bigtimer J l Season leader: l Bigtimer J l Season 2nd place: ScoobyHaze420 Season 3rd place: Clowsley101 Match Series Week 2 winner: l Bigtimer J l Season leader: l Bigtimer J l Season 2nd place: ScoobyHaze420 Season 3rd place: bobcin3 Predator Challenge Week 2 winner: elasesino191aim Season leader: elasesino191aim Season 2nd place: ScoobyHaze420 Season 3rd place: DazzerB05 Global standings Leader: l Bigtimer J l 2nd Place: ScoobyHaze420 3rd Place: elasesino191aim PlayStation 4 Big Bass Tour Week 2 winner: PHILLY-BASS-1965 Season leader: PHILLY-BASS-1965 Season 2nd place: kordus04 Season 3rd place: TokerKato Carp Championship Week 2 winner: TokerKato Season leader: TokerKato Season 2nd place: nafe1981 Season 3rd place: stumain Match Series Week 2 winner: TokerKato Season leader: HarryStankfoot Season 2nd place: TokerKato Season 3rd place: nafe1981 Predator Challenge Week 2 winner: TokerKato Season leader: TokerKato Season 2nd place: nafe1981 Season 3rd place: HarryStankfoot Global standings Leader: TokerKato 2nd Place: nafe1981 3rd Place: HarryStankfoot Steam Big Bass Tour Week 2 winner: 84823305 Season leader: MilkinBad Season 2nd place: djpablo73 Season 3rd place: wild bill Carp Championship Week 2 winner: toxic-uk Season leader: MilkinBad Season 2nd place: toxic-uk Season 3rd place: djpablo73 Match Series Week 2 winner: MilkinBad Season leader: MilkinBad Season 2nd place: toxic-uk Season 3rd place: djpablo73 Predator Challenge Week 2 winner: MilkinBad Season leader: MilkinBad Season 2nd place: djpablo73 Season 3rd place: UndeadFrog Global standings Leader: MilkinBad 2nd Place: djpablo73 3rd Place: toxic-uk And now, here are the details of the tournaments for this week: Big Bass Tour - Lake Miller, afternoon, heavy rain Carp Championship - Jezioro Bestii, sunset, light clouds Match Series - Lough Kerr, morning, dynamic weather, all species are counting Predator Challenge - Lake Dylan, sunrise, clear sky, all species are counting Here are how the standings look for each platform after week 2 of February:
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What is Dovetail Live Mastery?
With our Mastery Update for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour we have introduced a new way for you to play and earn rewards in game and view your personal stats to see how you fish and catch. Each lake has its own set of challenges divided into three tiers. Complete a tier of challenges and you will receive an in-game clothing reward and unlock the next tier. For example, complete tier 1 on Gigantica which features tasks such as ‘Little Fish In A Big Pond’ - catch 5 of any combination of Rudd, Tench or Roach, and be rewarded with an exclusive camo cap. To be able to complete the challenges you will need to be logged in to Dovetail Live in-game. You can keep up with your mastery progress through your mastery and stats pages on Dovetail Live []. If you notice that progress isn't being tracked towards your Mastery challenges try logging out of Dovetail Live and then back in when you next start the game. To log out, go to the options menu in game and press the appropriate button to log out of Dovetail Live or re-enable the Dovetail Live log in. In addition to the mastery system in the game, we have also created a stats page [] for your personal profile that will show how many fish you have caught, what your favourite venue is, what your favourite equipment is and much more. With these stats you can see how you are performing and which species or venue you want to be targeting in future sessions. Get out on the lakes and start completing those challenges. Make sure to send us screenshots of your characters wearing mastery reward clothing.
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What is the Big Fish Lure Pack?
Beat your PB with the Big Fish Lure Pack available now for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour! Developed by our friends at Lab42, the Big Fish lure pack is a 37-piece equipment pack that is designed to help you single out not just individual species of fish but the biggest fish as well. Containing a brand-new boat with three new wraps, a licensed kayak in 4 colour patterns and a large selection of lures, this pack is perfect for targeting the predator fish found across all venues in-game. For the first time in Pro Tour use lures from Cotton Cordell and Norman with the likes of the Pencil Popper and the Deep Little N being included. They line up alongside lures from Smithwick, Arbogast and Nichols Lures. The Big Fish lure pack introduces our first licensed kayak – the ‘Big Rig FD’ kayak from Jackson Kayak. The Big Rig FD kayak comes in 4 designs – Battleship, Dorado, Forest Camo and Marsh. As well as the kayak we also have a new boat manufacturer with the 2185 from Recon. The 2185 Recon boat comes with wraps from Norman, Arbogast and Cotton Cordell. The Big Fish Lure Pack is perfect for hunting massive predator fish such as pike, muskie, walleye, bass and more. So purchase today for just £4.99/$5.99/€5.99! Xbox [ht] PlayStation 4 Europe [] PlayStation 4 US [] Steam [] Dovetail Store []
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What Is Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour?
Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour is available now! Xbox [] PlayStation 4 Europe [] PS4 US [] Steam [] Dovetail Store [] Take on 100 of the world’s best anglers as you chase the dream of becoming the ultimate fishing champion. Standing in your way are “real world anglers" such as Scott Martin, Ali Hamidi, John Crews, Dave Levy, Jacob Wheeler, Ian Russell and many more as you compete in a multiple tournament career path, going from amateur to elite status, gaining social media following and earning sponsorship deals from over 50 licensed tackle companies such as Korda, Booyah, Mainline, 13Fishing and RidgeMonkey, all linked to your ongoing career earnings. Fishing Sim World Pro Tour has 10 lakes to choose from, including the famous tournament venues, Lake Guntersville and Lake Travis as two of our five vast US lakes. European venues include Gigantica Main Lake in France, Manor Farm Lake from the UK’s top day-ticket water complex Linear Fisheries and a section of the Grand Union Canal in London. With plenty of variety in the environments, different styles of fishing and hundreds of trophy fish to catch, there are always new challenges to face, that will test your skills to the limit. Take your fishing online and challenge your friends in multiplayer sessions where you set the rules. Choose how the session will be scored, what species will be counted, time limits and weather conditions. Customise even further, so you are targeting a variety of species with different rulesets for each additional competitive round you add. You can also test your skills against anglers from all over the world in our Dovetail Fishing League. Different tournaments are set each week for you to take part in that contribute to your global rankings as you aim for the coveted Angler of the Month title. With 29 different species of fish to catch including Bass, Carp, Walleye, Muskie, Pike, Barbel, Zander, Tench, Bream, Brown and Rainbow trout, each with its own unique AI and behavioral system, making sure you have the right tackle setup is of the utmost importance. Every item of equipment you require for each style of fishing or species of fish targeted is available from our licensed partners. From end tackle by Korda through to lures from Booyah and boats from Bass Cat, Fishing Sim World Pro Tour features some of the biggest names in the fishing industry.
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Fishing Terms Explained
This article will explain some of the terms and concepts used in Fishing Sim World. We will continue adding to it in future, just let us know what you would like us to explain. What is a bite alarm? Alarms are a form of bite indication. If a fish takes your bait and starts to swim away with it, the line the will start to move. Any movement or vibration of the line is recognised by sensors making the alarm sound which tells you you have a bite. Watch a video tutorial at What are bed types? The bed type is the surface that your bait is landing on at the bottom of the lake. There are three main bed types which are featured in game, these are gravel, silt and weed. Watch a video tutorial at What is carp fishing? The carp is a freshwater species belonging to the cyprinidae family. Carp can be found in lakes and rivers across Europe and can grow to over 100lbs (45kgs). Carp are renowned for fighting hard. Popular baits to target them include boilies, pop-ups, sweetcorn and tiger nuts. Watch a video tutorial at What is casting? There are two main styles of casting. The most common is casting overarm which is suitable for any distance over 20 yards. For close fishing, an underarm cast is used. The further you want to cast, then the more powerful rod you will need. The power of the rod is measured by its test curve. Watch a video tutorial at What other equipment can I see in my swim? General Equipment in carp / coarse fishing can include an unhooking mat for the fish to be placed on whilst out of the water, to protect it from the ground and in match fishing, a keep net which sits in the water next to you where you put all of the fish in to get a total weight at the end. Watch a video tutorial at What are match fishing rules? A competitive form of coarse fishing which involves people drawing out a random peg (a place to fish), and then trying to catch as many fish as possible within the allotted time. Usually the winner will be the one with the greatest weight of fish caught. Watch a video tutorial at What are multiple rods? To increase your chances of catching it is possible to fish with more than one rod if you are fishing from a static peg and not stalking. In the game you will be able to use up to three rods during your session. Watch a video tutorial at What is netting a fish? Once you have hooked into a fish and brought it close to the bank you will need to net it. The best time to do this is when the fish is tired and has stopped fighting, often rolling onto its side. If you try to net a fish too early it will try to escape, so be patient. Watch a video tutorial at What is a peg? A peg is a pre-defined area on the bank to fish from. There will be pegs spread out around the lake and whatever peg you are in, dictates what part of the lake you can fish. You must not cast into an area of water controlled by another peg that is occupied by an angler. Watch a video tutorial at What is a rig? A rig is the length of line tied from your main line down to the hook. There are many different types of rigs designed to present your chosen bait in all different ways, whether it be on the bottom of the lakebed or all the way up to the surface, you can find the right one for any conditions. Watch a video tutorial at What is spodding? Spodding is getting a lot of bait out into an area quickly and accurately to keep fish feeding. A spod is a rocket type tube that you fill with bait and when cast out, will deposit all of the bait out of the open end. A spod rod will not catch a fish as you do not cast out a bait and hook. Watch a video tutorial at What is stalking? Stalking is one of the most exciting ways of fishing. It involves finding fish close to the margin of the lake and trying to catch them with an underarm cast. You need to be quiet and stealthy so as not to spook them. Stalking often takes place in quiet areas of the lake away from traditional pegs. Watch a video tutorial at What is time of day and weather? Time of day and weather conditions have a massive impact on fish behaviour. Hot and sunny conditions will see fish move to the upper layers of the water but cold and dark conditions tend to push the fish to the bottom of the lake. Watch a video tutorial at What is watercraft? Watercraft is an anglers ability to work out the location of the fish. A fish may give away its location by splashing, swimming just below the surface or sending bubbles up to the surface through feeding. Other things to consider are weather conditions, wind direction and the time of day. Watch a video tutorial at What are baits? The bait is what you attach to your hook to entice and catch the fish. Bait possibilities are endless but popular baits include boilies, pellets, sweetcorn and bread. Watch a video tutorial at If there are any technical issues we can help you with, contact us at
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